4 Reasons You Need to Donate to DeIslands 2021 DeBus Hawaiian Tour

When it comes to getting the word out about Christ, there are many ways to do so. Reasons for Hope chooses to use apologetics to share the Gospel with others, especially our younger generations. Our mission is to show young people just how easy it is to share the Gospel and to equip them to do so, as well as empower and encourage Christians. We provide relevant and instructional resources, help parents, and provide answers to questions. Below, we’ll go over four reasons why you need to donate to DeIslands 2021 DeBus Hawaiian Tour. Donate Today!
Minister All Over Hawaii
Our 2021 DeBus Hawaiian Tour is specifically designed to minister to the devastated families, churches, and businesses in Hawaii. We will be filming special DeBunked videos and offering encouragement wherever we go.
Training People to Share the Gospel
There is a lot of confusion about sharing the Gospel with others. Many are afraid of rejection so they choose not to share. Many just don’t know how to begin. The DeBunked team will be partnering with the local churches in Hawaii to train people on how to share the hope and love of Jesus in compelling and engaging ways.
Helping to Remove Barriers to Faith
Many people are resistant to the word of Christ for different reasons. Some had a bad childhood experience; others just didn’t grow up in a Christian home. Whatever the case may be, DeBunked and Reasons for Hope are dedicated to helping remove the barriers to faith with our apologetics training.
Making Disciples Wherever We Go
Spreading the Gospel is something all Christians are called to do. As we visit communities throughout Hawaii, we are committed to helping make disciples wherever we go through our testimonies and our love for others.
The DeBus is coming to a location near you. We are super excited to be able to help spread the Gospel and bring others to Christ. Stop by one of our destinations this summer and donate today!
Calvary Chapel, Pearl Harbor
Calvary Chapel, Honolulu
Calvary Chapel, West Oahu
Calvary Chapel, North Shore
Waipio Grace Brethren Church, Mililani
Molokai Baptist Church, Molokai
West Side Alive (A Church Compilation), Nanakuli