May I Ask You a Question?
October 15th, 2021
I discovered that only a small handful of the almost 70 students I worked with even knew who Adam and Eve were!...  Read More
The “Eyes” Have It!
October 8th, 2021
This rather rhetorical question (or so I thought) was posed by my daughter after she shared scads of information from her Anatomy & Physiology book, enthusiastically declaring how absolutely amazing t...  Read More
Hope--More Than Wishful Thinking
October 1st, 2021
As I have been acclimating to my new role in developing curriculum for Reasons for Hope*, I have upped my screen time significantly--watching, taking notes, and absorbing as much of the video content ...  Read More
Should You Go on a Mission Trip?
June 25th, 2021
Most churches offer mission trips. Mission trips are opportunities for you to leave your comfort zone and dedicate some of your time to helping others in the name of Christ. Many of these are short-te...  Read More
6 Tips to Return to a Normal Life After COVID-19
June 25th, 2021
Now that the United States and the world are opening back up after COVID-19, many people are struggling to pick up where they left off. Whether they lost a loved one either from the pandemic or from o...  Read More
Faith After COVID-19: 6 Bible Truths to Hold Onto
June 25th, 2021
COVID-19 shook many Christians’ faith. It removed community, a hallmark of the Christian faith, when churches were ordered to close. It ruined many people’s livelihoods with furloughs and maybe even p...  Read More
4 Reasons You Need to Donate to DeIslands 2021 DeBus Hawaiian Tour
June 23rd, 2021
When it comes to getting the word out about Christ, there are many ways to do so. Reasons for Hope chooses to use apologetics to share the Gospel with others, especially our younger generations. Our m...  Read More
Jump Start Program from Faith Baptist Bible College
May 14th, 2020
In high school, I came to the realization that I wanted to be a teacher.  Now, when you know my background that would probably be a surprise to you.  And that’s because in high school is where my grad...  Read More
Protein Probability – Dr. Brian Miller, guest blog post
May 2nd, 2020
Doug Axe determined experimentally that the probability for a random sequence of amino acids to correspond to just one section of a working protein is 1 chance in 10 to the power of 77. That number is...  Read More
Is God responsible for Covid-19?
March 23rd, 2020
Christians sometimes ask themselves—even if they don’t verbalize it—why the Creator made harmful molecular structures like viruses, capable of ending human lives. Others, from their antireligious skep...  Read More
Does Antibiotic Resistance Prove Evolution?
October 23rd, 2018
Antibiotic resistance is a real and immanent health threat for the US and around the world.  The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that at least 2 million people acquire an antib...  Read More
What does it mean to “STAY BOLD?”
October 9th, 2018
A focus of the Reasons for Hope ministry is to encourage believers to stay bold. How is bold defined, and what are you to understand from the assertion to stay bold? Merriam-Webster defines bold: fear...  Read More