JUNE 13-16, 2023

Join Dave Glander and Reasons for Hope at a real Dinosaur Dig!

Dinosaurs are one of the most used tools by the secular world to deceive a generation into believing that the Bible isn’t true and that death and suffering has been going on for millions of years.  Well, how about taking a look for yourself?

We’re not going to tell you “WHAT” to think about fossils, we want you to see for yourself what the evidence actually supports by digging them yourself.  By teaching “HOW” to think, these experiences become an amazing opportunity to give an answer to the “lost” as to why we believe what we say we believe.

What we believe you’ll see is that these amazing extinct animals give testimony to God’s power and that His Word is true, from the beginning.
$250 Deposit.  $500 if paid IN FULL before January 1, 2023.  $600 after January 1, 2023.  Balance is due 30 days prior to the start of the dig, May 13, 2023.
THE DINOSAUR DIG FEE DOES NOT COVER transportation costs to and from Glendive, Montana, overnight lodging or meals (continental breakfast is available at hotel if staying there).