What are they?

  • An EQUIP Rally is an opportunity to truly disciple students to live, share, and defend their faith boldly. Equip's format is in two parts. First; hit them in the mind with solid apologetics teachings giving them great reasons to believe in the Christian faith. Second, hit them in the heart with the Gospel of Jesus in a way that they understand how to apply it in their daily lives. By hitting the mind (why) first, the heart (what) becomes more tangible and livable.

  • An EQUIP Rally creates excitement going forward to establish a full EQUIP Retreat in the future by showing a mini-taste during the Rally for what a full week looks like.

  • EQUIP Rally's are a great opportunity for students to invite their friends to come experiences something out of the norm. There's actually a "friend invite challenge" built in to the schedule.

  • An EQUIP Rally hosts a special parent meeting.  On Sunday, what we've found is that if we can't get to the parents to reinforce what student ministries are doing, then it often fails. We have a talk directed at encouraging parents how to raise their kids amidst this crazy world we live in, with practical ways to keep their kids in the faith into adulthood.

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General Schedule

6:00 - Check in starts at 6:00 pm.
7:00 - Opening, Games
7:30 - Worship/Message Service 1
9:00 - Go Home with "Bring a Friend Challenge."

9:00 - Breakfast Served.
9:45: - Worship/Message Service 2
11:00 - Activities
12:30 - Lunch Served
1:15 - Worship/Message Service 3
2:30 - Activities
4:30 - Worship/Message Service 4
6:00 - Go Home (bonus hang time optional for those interested)

Regular Service(s) - Message Dedicated to Parents.