Dinosaur Toe Bone

There is a way that seems right to man, but its end is the way of death.
Proverbs 14:12

I thought I’d share one more lesson I learned on the recent dinosaur dig we led in Glendive, Montana.
I was very blessed to be able and have worked on a dinosaur toe bone.
Dinosaur toe bone after clearing away most of the dirt.
And I don’t just mean digging it out of the ground.  Our dig leader, Tommy and his wife Martha, taught us how to prepare the bone while in the field to take it back  to the  offices to be able and restore it.
Carl plastering the bone for transport.
After it was covered so that we could remove it from the ground with the least amount of damage we then took the bone back and began the separating the bone from the surrounding rock.
Tommy and I just before removing the bone from the ground.
This takes time, especially if the bone that you’re working on is broken into many pieces.  It can be very difficult to tell what belongs and what doesn’t.
What I took back in the cleaning area.
I was very fortunate, the bone I worked on was broken into 3 major pieces and probably 95% complete.  That’s pretty rare!
After cleaning it off I began the task of putting it back together.  Two of the three pieces fit perfectly!
The two pieces that fit perfectly.
The third piece was a different story.  It could be joined together in one of two ways because there was bone missing between the two pieces.  See below:
As you can see above, there was a gap where bone was supposed to meet.  This meant that I could put the two pieced together as you see below:
But, if I did that  there would be a slight bend in the toe bone on the left side.  I’d never seen a toe bone with that kind of a bend before.
The other option was to put the two pieces together as you see below:
This took the curve out of the end of the bone, BUT, it didn’t fit as well as the other option!
We tried fitting these pieces together many ways, but in end I had to make a decision.  Was I going to put it back the way that fit a little better or the way that I felt it was supposed to go?  Both ways had material missing, so which was correct?
I decided to go with the option where it fit better by just a little bit.  Take a look:
Now, this is where it got interesting.  After cleaning the bone, filling the cracks with putty and painting it with a finish for protection Tommy started researching to see if he could find the exact dinosaur and exact bone that it was.  He was very sure that it was a toe bone, but to what animal?  He found it!
On a chart hanging on the wall in the prep room Tommy compared my bone with the Edmontosaurus toe bones.  Sure enough, on the left foot at the top there was a bone that had the exact slight angle as the one I’d worked on.  All of the other toe bones were straight, except for this one bone.  It was an EXACT match.
The lesson to me is, “There is a way that seems right to man, but its end is the way of death.”  Everything inside of me told me to put that toe bone together so that it was straight.  If I had done that, I would have been wrong, no matter how “right” it felt.
Be aware that the world is communicating a message to us and telling us the “right” way to live.  There is a very clear worldview being communicated in movies such as “Jurassic World”, “Ready Player One”, “Avengers Infinity War” etc.  The problem is that worldview that’s being communicated is contrary to what the Bible teaches.
Make sure that your worldview is based on the Word of God.  We just produced a new deBUNKED video dealing with the issue that “All Consensual Sex is Moral.”  Please notice the way that this question is worded.  One of the most asked questions we now get is “What about homosexuality, is it a sin?”
We decided to not get pigeon holed on an important topic.  Instead of just dealing with one sexual sin, we decided to decide to deal with all of them biblically.  We know that the world is telling us how to deal with this issue, but we also know that if we don’t handle it according to what the Word of God says, we have nothing!
Please pray for us that:
We stand firm on the Bible.
We produce materials that will encourage and equip the body of Christ to do the same.
May God richly bless you and your family.
Stay Bold!
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