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I recently was given some information that totally surprised me.  It is a VERY quiet part of our ministry that’s having a big impact, and truth be told, I didn’t have a clue how big of an impact.
In April of 2015, long before many other ministries, Reasons for Hope invested in a mobile app.  We believed then, as we do now, that if we’re going to reach the younger generation we’re going to have to go after them differently than we’ve done in the past.
Unfortunately, the company that we work with had issues collecting data on the app after the first few months of it being released.  So we’ve had a really hard time figuring out what, if any, impact the app was having.  Until now!
My son, Carl Jr., is responsible for updating and maintaining this resource.  Last night he came over and shared with me the new analytic tools.  And after some serious digging he also found a site that gives us important data from when the app was first created in 2015.  The one challenge with that is it only has information about those who have downloaded it on the iOS (think iPhone and iPad) operating system.  That was enough to get me excited though.
Here’s what we found:
Is the app having an impact?  YES!
Is the app actually being used?  YES!
Let me give you some specifics to back up the emphatic YESES.  First, just for the iOS version.
It has been downloaded on 6,038 times on iOS devices alone.  The top three countries are:
America, China, and the Philippines
I was blown away by the fact that China was the number two country using the app.
We’ve had as many as 1,976 iOS users on the app on a single day!  The greatest number of downloads was September 2017 when 1,649 people took advantage of this free tool!
That was encouraging, but then we were able to look at the new analytics that include those who download the app on their Android devices.  This research only goes back to September 2017, but it’s also very encouraging.
Since that time the number of Android users that have downloaded the app are right at 50-55% of the Apple users.  Since these statistics started being recorded the LOWEST number of users we’ve had on any given month is 582.
Not bad for a small organization like ours who gives this all away.
I think the stat that encouraged me the most is that people from 38 different countries are using this tool!  Take a look:
What I took away from this is that even though I’m an iPhone (Mac)  guy, it seems like those in other countries are using Android devices even more.  (I guess that means we’ve got to keep updating the app for BOTH platforms!!)
Note,  for whatever reason we don’t have any users in Greenland or Siberia!  Come on, we’ve got to get busy.  Anybody have any contacts there that we can share this with?
The research also shows overwhelmingly that deBUNKED is THE MOST used tool.  Please pray for us, we’re on the verge of creating even more of these amazing videos.  Two more scripts are being written RIGHT NOW and we’ve got the funding to produce at least 3 more.  In fact, starting in May the goal is to produce a at least one new deBUNKED video a month.  If we’re able to get more funded we’re actually in a position where we can increase that number. The first 7 have already reached more than a million people, and everywhere we travel and show them, they are having an impact.  Imagine if tens of millions could see these fast-paced nuggets of biblical truth!
Because I can now see that the rforh app is being used, I want to expand it even more.  Please pray for us as we have conversations on what we can do to make this global impacting tool even better.  One thing that we’re considering is putting our online classes on the app so people can take them for FREE!  That’s how much we want folks to be equipped to do ministry.  We believe so strongly that if we equip, encourage, and empower folks they WILL step up.
THANK you for supporting Reasons for Hope.  We sincerely pray that you can see your partnership IS having a great impact across the globe.
Stay Bold!
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