“Any Christian who believes the Bible is true has a retarded faith!”

Be strong and of a good courage , fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.
Deuteronomy 31:6
How’d you like to hear your child, who’s attending a “Christian” College, tell you that’s what his Bible professor had taught in class that day?  It happened to us.  Our son was a sophomore at the time!
The professor made many statements that day and even used profanity while teaching.  He encouraged the students to read a Buddhist book for their devotions because he got a lot out of it.  What, not the Bible?  Yep!
My son was troubled and asked me how he thought he should handle this situation.  I praise God that my college age son still confided in me and asked my opinion.
I responded by asking two questions:
  1. Were any students in class challenging the professor?  His response, “No!”
  2. Were any of the students not Christians or not very strong in their faith?  His response, “Yes!”
So, I told him that to me there were only two options:
One – Stand up for the Lord Jesus Christ and do your best to show that the Word of God was true and trustworthy.  That’s what we as his parents had done to the best of our ability with him.  How else would they see there’s another way?
Two – Sit by and watch the Bible and ultimately the character of God be attacked by a supposed “Christian” authority, which could have eternal consequences on his fellow students and those that they would eventually impact in either a positive or negative manner in the future.
Parent, how would you respond?  Have you poured into your child and prepared them to stand firm WHEN the challenges come?  Or, will they be like the majority of Christian youth who will not open their mouth when the opportunity arises?
Future parent, you will have this opportunity to prepare your child.  Are you ready to teach them?
My son decided to stand up and say something.  His concern made it to the Dean, who actually called me.  He tried to tell me that my son just didn’t hear things correctly, was reading into what he was saying and was just “too sensitive.”
My response was pretty straight-forward.  I told him that my son had recorded the class and I had listened to it.  He wasn’t “too sensitive.”  This professor was out of line.  The phone went silent when I said that.  After a few seconds he said, “Your son recorded the class?”  “Yes, he did,” I responded.  He then asked if he could listen to the recording.  We gave him a copy of the class and shortly thereafter he set up a meeting with my son.
Our son was challenged.  He actually ended up meeting with the Chancellor and discussing what had happened.  I was very proud that he had taken a stand and was very disappointed in the leadership of the college to be honest.
Some of the students didn’t like him very much afterwards.  That’s o.k., there will be those that turn their backs on you when you speak the truth.  But, his motivations were pure, his actions correct, and God will bless his obedience in the end.  Our goal in life should be to act in such a way that when we see Jesus face to face we will hear, “Well done good and faithful servant.”
Teach your child to . . . Stay Bold!  In order to do that though, we must also . . . Stay Bold!
Carl K.
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