The Million Dollar Question!

Forgive me for dealing with something that I PRAY everyone who reads this already has the answer to. We have dealt with this question in the past in an article entitled “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”  but, to reinforce WHY you should have an answer to this silly question, I will address it again.
Remember, we want to “Make Parents The Heroes to Their Children!”  That means parent you have to be aware of the issues the world is throwing at your child and teach them how to deal with it so that they aren’t caught off-guard.
Juan does a talk called, “The Poison Capsule!” where he teaches parents that in order to prepare your child to deal with what the world is going to throw at them you have to expose those issues to them in a controlled environment and teach them how to deal with them.
In the month of January the Lord allowed Reasons for Hope* to speak with over 1,000 Jr. High and High School students!  We praise God for these opportunities and pray that the Lord would allow us to challenge ten times that amount every month.  We say that because of the conversations we have with the youth while we’re with them.  Here are just a few from the last couple of weeks:
“Thank you!  I believe in God, but I need something more than just “faith”.  You totally answered the questions that I’ve been struggling with.” 
“Thank you for NOT just coming at us with emotion.  I want to have answers so that when I’m talking to people that I can give them more than just an emotional response!” 
“You have no idea how much this week meant to us. (Three young men that came up to me at one time.)  Yeah, you cleared up so many areas that we’ve been wondering about.  Thanks man, I just didn’t know that the Bible deals with all that stuff.  You’re awesome!” 
“Can you please come back and teach here?  You make it understandable and fun!” 
I’m always nervous to share testimonies because I don’t want you to get the wrong impression.  We’re NOT trying to brag.  This is just what’s happening.  It was so encouraging to see parents bringing their children to various meetings that we spoke at because the children wanted to be there.  Not parents dragging their children, it was the children dragging the parents!!
So, what is the “million dollar question”?  As I was gathering information to write scripts for Fast Facts V. 2 I came across a children’s website called “Kidszone” or “Kid’s World Fun”.
There I found some information on birds.  Now remember, this is a site geared for young children and parents would probably feel safe to just turn their children lose on here and discover fun information.
Unfortunately parents, you have got to be involved and know what your children are being taught, even on “kid” friendly sites.  May I hasten to add, ESPECIALLY on “kid” friendly sites!  Don’t let your guard down.
Here’s one “nugget”, (No pun intended.  Nugget – Chicken Nugget.  Get it?  Never mind!) that is on the site.
“It is also believed that Chicken is the closest relative to Rex, the Tyrannosaurus that still exists.”
Watched any of the “Jurassic Park” movies recently!  That’s one of the primary teachings in there.  (By the way, we deal with that in the DVD, “Jurassic Park or Jesus: Who Knows More?”)
But here’s what they called a “Million Dollar Question!”
“Which came first?  The egg or the chicken?”
Come on Carl, that’s a softball question, that’s easy!
I sincerely hope that it is. I also admit that it’s a simple question to answer, when you have the proper starting point.  But think about it for a moment, this is also an amazing question to show just how much our worldview impacts the way that we interpret what we see in the world around us.
It’s vitally important that we teach a generation “how” to think, not “what” to think.  They need to know that we don’t have an evidence problem when dealing with these types of questions.
Think about it, Christians and non-christians all have the same evidence.  We have the same rocks, stars and eggs!  Why do we understand and explain them so differently?  It’s not because of evidence!  It’s because we have a difference of opinion about the past, which impacts the interpretation of today’s evidence problem!  (Try saying that quickly!)
Because the writers of this article have accepted that over the course of 14 billion years, hydrogen gas transformed itself into everything that we see, they come to the conclusion that the “egg” came before the chicken.  And that’s because dinosaurs laid eggs and eventually evolved into birds so . . . the egg came first!
BUT, if we start with the historical account that God gave us in His history book, Genesis, we read that God created birds on day 5, not eggs!  Therefore, from a biblical, historical account the correct answer is that the chicken came before the egg!
In addition, God continues by telling us that He didn’t create the “land dwelling, air-breathing animals” until day 6.  Well, reptiles are “land dwelling, air-breathing animals” which means they would have come after the birds as well and not the other way around.
If you claim Christ as your Savior remember to try and follow the example that He set for us to live.  One of the key examples He gave us was how Christians should respond to questions.  “Haven’t ye read?” and “It is written”!  If Jesus, who is God, can appeal to the Holy Bible as an authority to deal with MUCH harder questions than chickens and eggs, I think we can as well!
Stay Bold!
Carl Kerby
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