Faith After COVID-19: 6 Bible Truths to Hold Onto

COVID-19 shook many Christians’ faith. It removed community, a hallmark of the Christian faith, when churches were ordered to close. It ruined many people’s livelihoods with furloughs and maybe even permanent layoffs. COVID-19 separated families and even claimed the lives of some whom we love. Granted, much of this was the government’s doing, as all believers know, nothing happens without God’s permission.
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God is Omnipresent
In the beginning of 2020, there was much confusion around COVID-19, and every time you watched the news, it seemed like they were saying something different. Everyone was afraid because they did not know. How contagious was COVID-19? Would people die who contracted it? When would the shutdown end? Where did “social distancing” come from? It’s safe to say that everyone, including Christians, were shaken.
Yet, God was present in every moment of COVID-19 just like He is today. He did not abandon Christians during the shutdown. He was there when you were furloughed, when your grandmother died of COVID-19, and when you couldn’t pay your rent. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 15:3: “The eyes of the Lord are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good.” NIV
After COVID-19, God is still here, everywhere, all around, and inside our hearts. Hold onto this truth when life after COVID-19 begins to shake your faith.
God is in Control
Many of us were shocked by the suddenness of COVID-19. One day, life was hunky-dory, with anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate and vacations to go on. The next day, life was shut down. In the beginning, we were told it was only for a few weeks. Then as weeks stretched into months, many Christians’ faith was shaken. COVID-19 did not make sense to a lot of people. Many thought it was an overreaction; some thought it wasn’t enough.
No matter how you felt about COVID-19 and the world’s reaction, God was in control the entire time. Nothing happens without God’s permission. He knew this was coming, and He allowed it to happen. In the midst of COVID-19, you probably wondered why. Now, on the other side of COVID-19, you can see why: God had this crisis in His hands the entire time. He was the great orchestrator; we were merely the players.
After COVID-19, we realize that God is in control of everything in our lives. He is in control of circumstances, people in our lives (or not in our lives), and, ultimately, whether we wake up the next morning. Once we wrap our heads around that fact, our worries fall away as quickly as a shooting star. Give everything to the One Creator; that’s all you can do anyways.
God is Working
When Christians fall into a rut in their lives, it’s all too easy to believe that God has abandoned them. They tell themselves that God is not watching, He doesn’t care, and that He is too busy to be paying attention to Him. It is at these moments in our lives that we are extremely vulnerable to sin since we’ve told ourselves that God does not care.
The truth is that God was working all throughout COVID-19, every single moment and every single day. For many, their faith was hindered by fear. There’s no doubt that COVID-19 was a scary time with so many unknowns. Now, however, after COVID-19, many Christians see that that fear was unfounded — and they see God in their lives once again.
God Speaks
Many Christians think of God speaking as when He does so in the Old Testament. God appears to Moses in a burning bush; He wrestles with Jacob in a dream; He speaks to David in the midst of a battle with the Philistines. God spoke to many of His prophets and His chosen people in the times before Jesus because the intercessor (Jesus) had not come yet.
Now, after Jesus, God still speaks. We can hear Him in the depths of the night whispering. We can hear Him when the room is silent. We can hear Him in the advice of our friends. During COVID-19, many Christians believed God had gone silent. After all, how could a pandemic happen?
God Provides Rest
COVID-19 forced most Americans to stay home every day. This meant work from home, cancelling school and travel plans, and limiting trips outside the home, except for essentials. This was a global slowdown that ultimately resulted in families spending a lot of time together. It fostered reconnections and brought back family dinners. Board game playing was up, as were card games. Many people picked up a book for the first time in a long time, too.
This was a period of rest that many Christians needed. They had more time to read the Bible, spend time in prayer, and pick up Biblical teachings and studies. They could engage in long discussions about God, religion, and beliefs on topics. In sum, COVID-19 was also a great time for Christians to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
As life picks up after COVID-19, the challenge will become maintaining that growth and connection with God and others. However, this will be much easier now that many of us realize the value of God-provided rest and strive to carve out the time we need to rest in and with God.
God Provides Companionship
One of the hardest parts of COVID-19 was not being able to see loved ones, whether they were in nursing homes or just down the street. Many people felt isolated, and this led to a rise in isolation, depression, and, sadly, suicide. When God made Eve for Adam, He did so because He knew it was not good for humans to be alone. Genesis 2:18 “The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone.'”
Many Christians had fallen easily into the secular belief of being independent, self-reliant, and career before family. Once COVID-19 hit, these same people saw what a lonely existence being home alone truly is.
God provides companionship, and after COVID-19, many Christians realize the true value of family and to not take them for granted. At the end of the day, family is all you’ve got.
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