6 Tips to Return to a Normal Life After COVID-19

Now that the United States and the world are opening back up after COVID-19, many people are struggling to pick up where they left off. Whether they lost a loved one either from the pandemic or from other causes, they lost their job or had to switch jobs, or they lost precious memories, such as graduations and wedding ceremonies, returning to a “normal” life after COVID-19 is proving to be difficult for many.
Reasons for Hope is a nonprofit apologetics ministry dedicated to helping you equip, empower, and encourage others to become Christians or to keep the faith. COVID-19 turned everyone’s lives upside down, including Christians, so how do you return to where you left off? Read below for our top six tips to do just that, and reach out to a team member to learn more about us and our spiritual motivational speakers today.
Meet Others Where They Are
With so many different opinions on whether to get the vaccine or not, you are bound to run into family, friends, work colleagues, and others with whom you disagree. Still, you want to get together to see your loved ones after a year of postponing family get-togethers, backyard BBQs, and other celebrations. Similar to Christians who are all on different steps of their journey with Christ, you should meet others where they are with relation to COVID-19 and offer grace when needed, while still maintaining your beliefs as well. Practice social distancing if you have to around others, but do so with an open heart and mind.
Pick Up Your Hobbies Again
When life stopped with COVID-19, many of our habits fell to the wayside. This includes hitting the gym, meeting friends for coffee regularly, attending local festivals, seeing family, going to church, playing sports, swimming, skiing — you name it. It’s important to return to your hobbies as soon as you feel comfortable after COVID-19. A return to your former routine will help you return to your normal faster, and it will make you feel better, too.
Lay Down Fear
A big part of COVID-19 was driven by fear — mainly of death. As Christians, we know that this is not our home; that this journey is temporary. While death is most likely unpleasant, it means we will finally be in the arms of our Lord. One of the best ways to return to your life before COVID-19 is to let go of your fears — of dying, of being sick, and of losing loved ones. Only God knows when your time or the time of your loved ones is near. There is nothing you can do about death, and fear of death is only hindering your living here on earth. Let go of your fears, and get back to living.
Help Others
Many of us were deprived of being with others and in community during COVID-19, and with so many hesitant to return to their normal life, it can be hard to be in a community when there’s not one. However, you can help others, which will be rewarding and will help you return to your normal life. There are so many people with needs that you can help with, whether that means volunteering to tutor children, helping the homeless, or driving your neighbor to the grocery store. By helping others, you’ll feel the sense of community you lost during COVID-19 and feel renewed again.
Live With Gratitude
For the majority of Americans, COVID-19 brought a sense of gratitude for living when “life” was shut down. It’s all too easy to get swept up in the busyness of life. You get busy doing your thing, forgetting to think of others and taking the time to truly enjoy life. With COVID-19, it was a time to slow down and take stock of where you were. You may have realized how transient life truly is and that every day is a blessing not to be taken for granted. When you life with gratitude, living is easy.
Love Deeper
While you may not be feeling the love when you’re out and about with people in masks and social distancing, it’s important to love deeper anyway. Whether you hold on to your cat who can teach you a lot about living in the moment, you volunteer with seniors in nursing homes who have no one, or you just spend more time with your own family, loving deeper will help you return to a normal life. You’ll live life fuller, you’ll see the cup half full rather than half empty, and you may just discover a new passion or realize once and for all that life is what you make of it.
Reasons for Hope endeavors to come alongside you in your journey in this world. We want to help equip, empower, and encourage Christians to boldly spread the Gospel and defend the Biblical worldview through public speaking, educational and entertaining videos, and online education resources. In this post COVID-19 world, we see more than ever the need that others have for Christ in their lives. While the return to a normal life may take some time, what’s important is that you are taking steps to get there.
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