The Extrra Letter and the Origin of Life

Random Thought!
Please pray for us here at rforh.  We’re in the process of transferring all of the folks that are on our database to a new software that will help me immensely in staying in contact with folks.  The problem is getting everything accurately moved over.
We’re literally having to go through every name, one by one, and comparing them with the old one to make sure it’s accurate.  The transition, which we were told was going to be easy, isn’t so easy!
While we were going through the training with the software rep he was showing us how to find someone in our list.  So, for practice I typed in the name of a good friend of mine who also supports the ministry. He didn’t come up.
So, I asked our trainer what I was doing wrong.  Turns out, I’d done everything correct, so why didn’t the name appear.  It turns out that the name was misspelled, by just one letter. The letter “r” had been added to his name.
Because he’s a good friend, I knew exactly how to spell his name.  But because it was in the system incorrectly, it wouldn’t show up! I can hear you, you’re asking, “So, what’s the point?”
Good question!  Here’s my point that I’m actually getting to much quicker than I usually do in my writings.  We live in a world where the primary education system teaches a generation that life is just an accident, that random mutations with various chemicals over lots of time eventually caused life to form from non-life and then amazingly turned into us.
Think about how ridiculous that is?  If my database can’t find a name because of one extra letter, how in the world could life come about from random, chance processes?  
One easy example showing how impossible it is for life to just arise by chance are amino acids.  All of the amino acids in proteins are what are called ‘left handed.’ On the other hand, all of the sugars in DNA and RNA are ‘right handed.’
The importance of this is that if just one ‘right handed’ amino acid was introduced when these chemicals were coming together to supposedly form life, it would all fail.  DNA would not be able to form with just one wrong type of amino acid. (If you’d like to study more on this issue check out the articles entitled, “Origin of life: the chirality problem” or “Problems for “Accidental” Origin of Life.”)
No, my experience in this process of transferring names from one system to another shows me just how amazing life is!  It didn’t happen by chance. You and I, as well as everyone on this planet, were created by God. Don’t let the world deceive you into thinking that you’re not “fearfully and wonderfully made,” because you are!  Stay Bold!
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