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Hey Everyone,
I thought you’d like to hear a few highlights from the first Homeschool Convention for 2018 which was in Greenville, South Carolina.   First of all, THANK YOU for praying. There is no doubt your prayers were effective. I spoke to a men’s group after arriving on Wednesday.  (Thank you to Eric for opening the doors for me to get in there, and Max for letting Eric know about me). The response was super encouraging.  We had a lot of feedback from that night.
The next day BEFORE the Great Homeschool Convention started, I spoke to 4 men, 2 of which  are in a program helping them transition back into being productive members of society.  The man who runs this ministry, Shaun, is dong a fantastic job. I had the guys for 1.5 hours and they were locked in.  When I finished, one of the young men, Chris, followed me out to the car and shook my hand. He said, “Thank you for coming and speaking to us today.  You have no idea how much this helped me. I just want you to know that you spoke to a LOT more people than just us today, because I am going to take and use this!”
I was so blessed to hear this.  Shaun asked me what Chris had said and I told him. Shaun lit up!  He said, “He’s telling you the truth! He is on fire and will take and use what you did today.  He’s a huge bright spot in the ministry.” Shaun shared some of the backstory on Chris and how much he has changed. What a BLESSING it is to have opportunities like this.  Thank you for supporting us because it allows us to do this type of ministry.
The meetings at the conference were amazing.  Juan and I both spoke multiple times. Juan actually picked up another speaking slot because one of the key speakers was sick.  To give you an idea of how it went, I’ll just give you some quotes:
  • “My daughter paid attention the whole time, she didn’t pull her fidget spinner out once!  That’s unheard of. She loved it.”
  • “I had to fight with my son to get him to come to the conference.  After hearing you he went to every one of your sessions and LOVED it.  Thank you for what you’re doing!”
  • “Our children couldn’t stop speaking over dinner last night.  They just kept telling us all they had learned after hearing you speak.  Please come back. Our kids loved you!”
  • “Juan was fantastic!  My husband and I looked at each other and said ‘EVERY Christian needs to hear this message!’”
Those are just a few of the things that we heard.  We are so blessed to do what we do.
After the conference I still wasn’t finished though.  On Sunday I spoke to the youth at First Baptist Church.  They have an amazing facility and it was a blast. The youth really responded to the message.  After I finished, we had a talk with the Youth Pastor and we’re now planning to come do a full-blown youth conference next year!  They said the kids were fired up and want more. That’s great, because we want to give more!
What made it so interesting is that this was the church where I spoke to the men on my first night in Greenville.
After it was over, the men’s leader saw me and called me over.  He shared how much the men appreciated the Wednesday night meeting and that they wanted the video of the talk and the study that goes with it.  They want to do it again because they were so impacted! Then he said to me, “What did you do with the youth today? They’re over here just buzzing about Sunday School.”
In addition, after speaking one of the ladies who had been in the meeting came up to me and let me know that the Security Guard on duty had heard the talks and wanted to ask some questions.  So, I spent about 35 minute with her. I can’t go into detail here, but know this! This young lady needs our prayers and has been introduced to some pastors who will work with her. I’m praising God she opened up and shared with me, but she needs local pastors to pour into her so the connection was made!
Praise God and thank you. You help make this happen with your support, and we appreciate you.  I just arrived in San Antonio for the Great Homeschool Convention here in Texas! I’ll let you know how that goes soon.
God is good.  Blessings and . . .
Stay Bold!
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