‘Defeating the mindless megaphones’

Preparing a generation to be more than just skin deep.  Even the lost see there’s a problem.

The Washington Post recently published an article entitled “Why kids-now more than ever-need to learn philosophy. Yes, philosophy.” The main argument was simply that the people in our society today are lacking depth. Their ideas, beliefs, and assumptions are never challenged and they therefore, lack the ability to truly discuss and evaluate them. As a solution to this problem, the article proposes a reintroduction of the study of philosophy in grades K-12 with the purpose of “clarifying and analyzing concepts and arguments relating to the big questions of life.”
This secular reporter recognizes that the inability to provide principled, sound answers to questions concerning the distinction of humans and the purpose of life, is creating a society full of hard-headed, unreasonable megaphones who can not, and will not, engage with people or arguments that disagree with them. The problem occurs when students are taught the art of dialogue without providing them with principles that create and sustain it. True discussion about ideas and events only works if there is a common standard of right and wrong. If truth is relative, each individual person can create his own perceived answers to the ‘big questions’ that no one can question. This brings us precisely to the problem this reporter identified in the first place!
The Merriam-Webster dictionary has a couple of definitions of ‘stupid.’  These include: “having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things” and “marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting.” Sound familiar? One would expect this lack of depth from a young child who is determined to skip his nap, or eat 10 cookies and refuses to listen and dialogue with a parent about their alternative perspective. However, our churches are even filled with young people and adults who have this same relativistic perspective that has been engrained in them by the public schools and media. When there is no principled Biblical standard, even regular churchgoers are not able to have answers for and be bold about their faith. 
As families and members of churches, it is essential that we return to a principled understanding of Biblical Truth and teach it to our children. This is the only way we can discover our true purpose and have a foundation from which to discuss the events and ideas of the world around us. As a ministry, the purpose of Reasons for Hope is to use Biblical principles to provide Christians and non-Christians answers to the big (and small) questions of life. 
Please pray that we are able to provide materials that will bless parents as they seek to train their children.  By the way, how about joining us as a family on one of the teaching trips that we are offering next year?  Have fun and learn how to apply your faith in the world that we see around us.
Stay Bold,
2017 RFORH Family Meetings
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