What About . . . The Contradiction between Christianity and “real” science?

I don’t believe there is one!  Unfortunately what we see in our world today is a culture that’s constantly portraying the Bible as being completely unbelievable and unreliable.   One area that this is very apparent in is the world of “science”.
Our children are taught that “evolution is a fact”, “there’s no God”, “the Bible’s full of mistakes and errors” and “carbon dating proves the earth is millions of years old” pretty much non-stop as “fact”.  A major reason is because this is the primary teaching they receive in the public schools, while watching TV shows and movies, and even many churches!
If we want to prepare this generation to deal with these types of attacks, we must teach them HOW to think and not WHAT to think.  One of the first things we have to teach them is that these statements are in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Bible.  But just telling them that this is wrong isn’t enough.  We must then show them how to respond appropriately to these commonly used arguments.  And the reason is these types of statements are being used to get a generation to not trust the Bible which has an impact on their view of God.  By the way, it’s not that difficult, you can do it!
To be successful we must get to the very foundation for these misunderstandings.  I hope you realize that we don’t have a problem with the evidence.  And that’s because Christians and non-christians all have the same evidence.  Everyone has the same rocks, the same stars and the same people.  Where our problem arises is in the interpretation of this evidence.
So, to deal effectively with this we have to have a proper understanding of “science”.  What is ‘science’?  Well, that depends on which one you’re talking about because there are two different types of science and they play different roles.
The ‘science’ that explains how the world began and how we got here is very different than the kind of science that has brought about modern medicine and technology.
You’ll hear many skeptics and antagonist make statements like, “If you don’t believe in evolution you shouldn’t fly on airplanes, take medicine or use computers!”  To be blunt, that’s a very poor argument!  Please let me explain.
Observational or Empirical Science is a process through which we test, repeat, and verify what we see in the world around us using the scientific method. This ‘true’ science has brought us everything from electricity, airplanes, automobiles, to the iPhone, and Mac computers.  (If there were only PC’s, I would be forced to admit that evolution has a chance at being true.  BUT, because there are Macs, it’s impossible.)
Christianity doesn’t at all disagree with this process at all.  In fact, when you study the history of science you’ll find that Christians founded almost every branch of ‘observational’ science, including the scientific method.  And for the most part, they were also creationist!
Why shouldn’t we take medicines, use computers or fly airplanes?  We believe in this process and always have!
The so-called contradiction occurs when our culture doesn’t make a distinction between this empirical or observational science, and untestable beliefs about events in the past.
This leads us to the second type of science, which is typically called ‘Historical Science’.   The problem with historical science is that it’s impossible to test, repeat, and verify things that happened only once in the past.  We would argue that it’s not true science at all. Simply, ‘historical science’ is one’s belief about the past and has nothing to do with creating new things and furthering technology.
This is a major reason why many Bible-believing Christians disagree with the beliefs containing millions of years and molecules to man evolution. There’s no evidence for it and there’s no way to go back in time to test to see if it’s true or not.  Yet, it’s not in any way a contradiction of empirical science, simply different beliefs concerning events in the past.
The Bible is our ultimate truth as Christians. It’s the one thing we can turn to that’s not tainted by human error and sinfulness. (for more information on this fact watch our ‘deBUNKED: Errors in the Bible)  It was written by an all-knowing, all-powerful God who cannot lie or mislead because it is against His very nature. This is why we must turn to His Word before turning to the solutions given by sinful man. When we use this as our foundation to look at the world, we’ll see that God did indeed, did mean what he said. (Check out deBUNKED: God Didn’t Mean What He Said!) An what encourages me is that what we read in the Word of God is supported by what we see in the world around us!  Blessings and . . .
Stay Bold!
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