What About . . . Lucy? Part 4

Did “Lucy” really have human hips allowing her to walk upright like us?
Now we get into information that sends people over the edge.  First of all, tempers flare and blood pressure goes up when people talk about the topic of creation/evolution, period.  But, when you start talking about Lucy’s hips, it heats up quick!
Let me quote from the “In Search of Human Origins” transcript:
DON JOHANSON:  “We needed Owen Lovejoy’s expertise again, because the evidence wasn’t quite adding up. The knee looked human, but the shape of her hip didn’t. Superficially, her hip resembled a chimpanzee’s, which meant that Lucy couldn’t possibly have walked like a modern human. But Lovejoy noticed something odd about the way the bones had been fossilized.”
Please notice that Dr. Johanson states very clearly that the hip, “resembled a chimpanzee’s.” Yes, he does say, “superficially” as well.  It’s still a problem.  He continues by saying that this,
“meant that she couldn’t possibly have walked like a modern human.”
So, what happened for her hips to have changed from being shaped like a “human” to begin with, which is what is necessary for Lucy to have been an evolutionary ancestor to humans, to being shaped, albeit superficially,to a chimp.  Let me continue to quote from the transcript please:
OWEN LOVEJOY: “When I put the two parts of the pelvis together that we had, this part of the pelvis has pressed so hard and so completely into this one, that it caused it to be broken into a series of individual pieces, which were then fused together in later fossilization.”
According to Dr. Johanson Lucy’s hip bones were broken after she died and then were “fused” back together changing them from human shaped to chimpanzee shaped.
I may not have a PhD, but I’m pretty sure that when you die your fusing days are done and the decay process sets in!
How about this, how were the bones broken so that they could fuse back in a different shape anyway?  I’ll let Dr. Johanson tell you himself:
DON JOHANSON: “After Lucy died, some of her bones lying in the mud must have been crushed or broken, perhaps by animals browsing at the lake shore.”
In the program they show a deer stepping on the human shaped hips of  Lucy, crushing them so that they were broken.  Then they fused back together, but they were curved like the chimp this time. 
Again, I may not have a PhD, but I’ve got to point out that if an animal dies by the lake shore, it won’t lay there for a long period of time for the flesh to rot off so the deer can step on its hips!
IF it did lay there for a long period of time scavengers would have scattered the bones all over the place.  You wouldn’t find the specimen articulated as Lucy were supposed to have been when they found her.
Dr. Lovejoy continues:
OWEN LOVEJOY: “This has caused the two bones in fact to fit together so well that they’re in an anatomically impossible position.”
This one always intrigues me.  The bones fit together “so well” they they were in an “anatomically impossible position.” What does that mean?
Well, that means that because her hips were curved like a chimp, then she couldn’t have walked upright like a human making her an evolutionary ancestor.  And because scientists “KNOW” that she was an apelike ancestor and scientists “KNOW” she walked upright the chimp shaped hips just cannot be accurate.  That’s why they are “anatomically impossible.”
How do scientists “KNOW” she walked upright and she was nothing more than another ape?
Put it like this, do you think maybe if Lucy had hips curved like a . . . chimp, and hands like a . . . chimp, and feet like a chimp . . . and a skull like a chimp . . . she was, possibly, maybe, I know it’s a long-shot, call me crazy but I’m going out on a limb, but maybe, a chimp?
Let me continue to quote please:
DON JOHANSON: “The perfect fit was an allusion that made Lucy’s hip bones seems to flair out like a chimps. But all was not lost.”
The “perfect fit” showed that Lucy’s hips flared “out like a chimp.” So much for her being an evolutionary ancestor then.  But wait, there’s hope.  Dr. Johanson told us, “All was not lost.”
May I please play an audio, yes, I wrote audio, clip of what was done to solve the problem of Lucy having had hips not fitting the evolutionary paradigm.  I’ll show the video in a second.  You really don’t need to watch it though, listening is powerful enough.
Listen to this please!
Just having audio isn’t enough.  Now, let me share the video with you.  Remember, this is from NOVA, “In Search of Human Origins” with Don Johanson.  This is not a Christian making this up to mock them!!
Please watch for yourself here.
I concede and those that have been name calling, you win!  It’s obvious that “Lucy” had hips like a human . . . after they used a grinder to take out the parts that didn’t fit with the paradigm.
You are free to believe that this was an apelike ancestor.  That’s the great thing about America, no one is forcing you to believe a specific thing.
That’s the great thing about our God as well.  He will not force you to believe in Him.  You have the freedom to decide what you will do with what He’s shown us and He’s done for us.  There are consequences to the decisions we make though.
All I know is that if a Christian or Creationist showed this type of a video and used it to justify their faith we’d be openly mocked and ridiculed.  I don’t show this to mock or ridicule I show it to help folks make an informed decision as to whom they will follow.  God’s Word or Man’s opinion.
Stay Bold!
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