What About . . . Lucy? Part 3

Did “Lucy” have a human knee?  Let’s look at the evidence again and find an answer!
Every year we see headlines bolding declaring the the “missing link” has been found, only for it to disappear a few months later.  But not “Lucy”, she’s been with us for quite a long time now so it must be a “link”.
Previously I mentioned the NOVA television program, “In Search of Human Origins” with Dr. Don Johanson.  In there he made the following statement,
“The hours passed. No one thought of sleep, we had so much to do. Then we looked at the knee. It was modern, human-like, just like the one I’d found the previous year.”!
That is HUGE!  If you are to become famous in the world of paleontology you don’t find “human” bones or “monkey” bones.  You need to find the supposed common ancestor between apes and humans to really make it big.
One easy way to determine if you’ve found a “missing link” is to find something that walks like a human, yet looks like an ape!
In order to walk upright, on two legs most human do, unless our back is acting up, your knee has to be shaped like a human.  It just won’t work any other way.
Apes, for the most part, are knuckle draggers walking on both their hand and feet.  Certainly some apes can walk upright.  Typically it’s not their normal mode of transportation the same way that it is for us.
According to Dr. Johanson, the case is closed.  “Lucy” had a knee like a human, so therefore “she” walked upright, like a human so therefore “she’s” a missing link!
Well, let’s take a look at this claim and we’ll do it by looking at a website that is as anti-creationist as you will ever find.  Below is a graphic of the page talking about various claims concerning ‘Lucy’ that “creationists” make.
Please focus on the “Response” section above.  It reads,
“The skeleton called Lucy does not have an intact knee.”
May I point out that this source is Talk Origins.  Again, this is NOT a Christian/Creationist group for sure.  They don’t like us at all!
So, if ‘Lucy’ doesn’t have an intact knee, which by the way you can see for yourself from the picture of the fossils that were found, then how do you know that it was shaped like a human?  You don’t!
Stay Bold!
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