Mollie Starts a Transformed Rally!

Don’t give up on the youth!  They’re are some warriors for Christ in their midst.  Meet Mollie!
One of the highlights of my ministry took place in a public school auditorium.  I wanted the Pastor, Scott Land, of the young lady who made it happen to share the story with you.  I think you’ll be inspired.
Sometimes other peoples’ visions can become a Godly obsession. This vision starts with one Jr. High teen age girl that wanted God to make an impression on her public school; then He did! As an active member of her local church and youth group she knew and was taught how the gospel message was the most powerful force in the world. Here is her story through her Pastors eyes.
Mollie was part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) for her 3 years in middle school. Upon transferring to High School she realized there was little to no such fellowship or outreach. With a little research and good communication she established Transformed. This is a Weekly after school Christian fellowship with the help of a teacher that was needed to sponsor such a group. For 3 years it grew both numerically and spiritually with classmates. Transformed is totally student lead. Not an easy task to ask of teenagers. Many adults wouldn’t have the courage to start such an endeavor. But it wasn’t enough for Mollie. She asked her church and surrounding churches for 2 years with to help a Friday night rally at her public High School. With much reservation and the stereo-typical patronizing responses from churches, including ours, we went along with little thought of a Christian rally of this size in a public High School ever coming to fruition. After all, this had never been done before. She got the ok from the school. We are not even sure how except that God had a plan. 
From here she asked about a camper speaker she had heard from RUSH camp, “Do you think Carl Kerby would speak at our rally Pastor?” I replied you can always ask, but remember, he travels and speaks a lot so know that going in.” She was thinking way bigger than everyone else. I can’t forget when she told me Carl said he would love to do it. Two of the biggest hurdles were cleared and the event fell into place with the assistance of a Christian band and other churches.
Jan 31, 2012, 7:00 is here. There is projected several inches of snow, the guitarist is very sick and sound equipment isn’t working. Besides all that, there seems to be a nervousness in the air rather than and excitement in the school. Will the school find out its Christian and shut it down? Will there be protesters?  Will anyone show up? One person has all the energy needed, Mollie. Call it naïve, call it passion or a drive but this event was not going to be detoured if she had anything to do with it. She was well planned and organized but Murphy’s Law doesn’t pay any attention to it. The building starts filling with what appears to be youth groups, but so be it. Belonging to a youth group doesn’t make you right with God. Approximately 200  were in attendance. The band played loud and proud but to the glory of God. They looked different, sounded different than what most of the adult volunteers were used to, but they saw the bigger picture, God love ‘em. A couple played some group games and the teens were way into it. As I stood with Carl Kerby we talked about teens, culture, churches and just about everything. He asked me to give the invitation after he spoke. His logic was that this is your area; you know these teens; so I committed. 
Carl spoke to these teens with real answers and in their language. I couldn’t believe the respectful quietness in the room. It was one of those times that I could say I felt the presence of something special about to happen. Carl’s testimony was most gripping. His destiny was groomed to be much different than what it is today and that resonated with them. He shared the real Jesus Christ. The heart of Reasons for Hope was on display that night. Carl agreed to speak at this rally not knowing the attendance, background or what was in it for him.
I wasn’t sure how to “do” this invitation. It wasn’t a time of every head bowed and eye closed. I decided to have the teens look up and make a bold stand. When I counted to three I instructed them to get up out of their seat and go to a counselor in the back. It was amazing and overwhelming to see the response. I hadn’t seen that many people move toward the Lord at one time. Our church members and some other churches did a phenomenal job with these teens. It was as if God placed the perfect counselor with the need of a particular youth. The halls were over flowing. God was doing something very special all because one Jr high teenage girl that was able to see something bigger than herself. God wants to use all believers’, even young ones and sometimes they lead the adults. 
This night was so special that in my opinion it can’t be duplicated. Thank you Carl Kerby for your ministry. Reasons for Hope so impacted us, that Crosspointe Baptist Church now supports them regularly. I’m certain God was well pleased that night.
Crosspointe Baptist Church
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