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What About . . . Dinosaurs?

Does the Bible really talk about dinosaurs?  Yes, and you may be surprised at how much it says! When we start from the Scriptures as it was give to us, real history from the only one who has always been there and knows everything, we will understand the world around us in a very different manner. Dinosaurs are one of the major tools used by the secular world to train children into believing the world is millions of years old and the Bible isn't true.   Well, in this talk we will start with the Bible to answer common questions such as:

Does the Bible talk about dinosaurs? Why don't we find the word dinosaur in the Bible? Did dinosaurs go on the ark and if so how did they fit? Don't dinosaurs prove the earth is millions of years old? What happened to the dinosaurs?

Yes, the answers will be different from what you hear on Discovery Channel! But that's because our starting point is different. This talk will address the "Know it!" and "Share it!" challenge.  

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