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Three Chairs

On fire, lukewarm or rebellious? There’s one gospel, but three responses.  Which is yours? Juan Valdes illustrates the responses using three chairs and asks, “In which chair do you sit?” In this talk, Juan looks at the condition of our country and the condition of God’s Kingdom on earth. Why is our country in a downward spiral of rebelling against God? Why are there so many Christian who profess Christ with their lips but don’t live like they know Him? This talk convicts and challenges Christians and non-believers alike with biblical truths about Who Christ is and what their response should be to His love and grace. Juan focuses on Reasons for Hope’s mission to equip and encourage Christians to Know it! Live it! and Share it! and to be a testimony and witness to the those who do not know Christ (yet). This is a powerful message that will challenge everyone....your church needs to hear this.

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