A new video series that takes on today’s biggest lies!

deBunked Complete SetdeBunked Episode 1: There's No Evidence for GoddeBunked Episode 2: Did God really mean what He said?eBunked Episode 3: There are Errors in the BibledeBunked Episode 4: There can be Hope without GoddeBunked Episode 5: I Just Have to Live a Good LifedeBunked Episode 6: All the Animals Couldn't Fit on the ArkdeBunked Episode7: I Can Earn My SalvationdeBunked Study Guide

The deBunked video series addresses some of the most common myths about the Bible and Christianity. Each video is designed to be short, straightforward and fast-paced to make it easier to present the Truth to today’s younger generations.

Check out the entire deBunked series from ReasonsForHope*, and add them to your church’s media library for use in service. They’re also perfect for saving on your phone or tablet to use for conversation and witnessing.

The series offers a fun way to dig into the Bible. Each entertaining short video is packed with biblical truths.

Gather some friends, or do the study on your own. Either way, you’ll get prepared to deBUNK these lies:

  • There’s No Evidence for God
  • God Doesn’t Mean What He Says
  • The Bible is Unreliable Because It’s Full of Errors
  • I Can Have Real Hope Without God
  • As a Christian, I Don’t Need to Talk About Jesus
  • All Those Creatures Couldn’t Have Fit on Noah’s Ark
  • I Need to Earn My Salvation

All videos are available individually or purchase the complete series and get the companion study guide free!

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