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Remote Controller: Critically Evaluating What We Are Playing!

Video games aren't important, right?  Not so fast, you may want to hear this information.
Until he was challenged by his son Carl Sr. thought that T.V. and movies were having the most impact on today's youth.  Today he sincerely believes that he was wrong.  He's now a firm believer that video games are having a major impact on the culture.  Even more than schools!
The average time a child spends in front of a TV set is 1064 hours a year.  The average time a "gamer" spends playing video games is 18 hours a week which works out to 936 hours a year!   Even though it is less time overall, the difference is that TV is passive, while the video game is not.  Those that are playing them often will name the character after themselves.  They then decide who to do what to and how to do it!  So, what's the answer?  Throw them out!  Throw your hands up and give! It's not quite that simple many times.  As a minimum we need to be aware of what is going on in this world.  In this talk Carl share's what many of the most popular games are actually teaching.  Forget about sex and violence for a moment, that's a given.  In this talk we will deal with what they are teaching about God, the Bible, Christians and Jesus?  What you see may shock you.  We pray that it does motivate you into becoming much more aware of what you are allowing to infiltrate your mind. Parents, running and hiding isn't the answer!  You have been called to train a generation and it must also include what the culture is using to destroy a generation.  This includes video games.
Youth, if you are a Christian you must become more discerning on what you are allowing into your mind.
This talk with challenge everyone to become more aware of what the world is using to indoctrinate a generation to no longer trust the Word of God!

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