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Remote Control: Critically Evaluating What We Are Watching!

Teach a generation "how" to think when watching TV and movies.  This is a very important topic for Christians today. Today’s Christians are so used to the teaching of millions of years and evolution that they no longer notice how prevalent it is in our everyday lives. We wonder why 50% to 88% of the children raised in the Church leave by the time they are 18.  Let's be honest, who is truly teaching our children?   Currently children spend 900 hours a year in a school.  That same student typically spends 1064 hours in front of a TV.  If the church thinks they can overcome this much indoctrination by having the youth for 1 -3 hours a week by playing games and eating pizza, they're wrong! In this talk Carl shares numerous examples from Comic books, TV, Movies etc. showing how much indoctrination is taking place. Even in ‘family friendly’ materials there are blatant teachings that are undermining our young peoples ability to trust the Word of God. This talk will help Christians to get their ‘radar’ turned on in order to catch these falsehoods. It will also teach parents how they can use the media as a way to start communicating the truth of God’s Word. This talk will address the "Know it!" & "Share it!" challenge.

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