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Finding God in Ancient China

If the Bible is true, shouldn't the oldest writing known have references to it?  Maybe it does! As a young boy Carl was intrigued by Japanese writing and Japan when his father brought back posters of his time wresting in Japan. (A toy robot also had a big impact!) From those simple beginnings Carl developed a desire to go to Japan and see it for himself. God graciously allowed this to happen and he spent over 4 years living there. During this time he met his now wife, Masami. His interest in the Japanese writing continued even after he became a Christian. It became even more intense when he met a lady who had studied the characters for years and found that the Gospel message is clearly depicted in the most ancient writing on the planet. In this talk Carl shares what was taught to him many years ago by Ethel Nelson and more from his personal studies over the years. This is a very intriguing talk.

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