Trinity Life Center – Pickerington, OH

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Trinity Life Center – Pickerington, OH

March 31, 2019 - April 1, 2019

Hear Hope Confirming Realities!

Engage them with Scientific Truth about our World, including Dinosaurs and Fossils and where we really came from!

SCHEDULE: Sunday, March 31st

8:15 – Eyewitness History

Many people just assume that “science” has proven we can’t believe what the Bible says. What they don’t know is that the atheist’s belief of how everything got here purely by natural means, without God, is being called science. Christians who believe the Bible are accused of being science deniers. If man’s view of history is true, the Genesis account of creation, Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel…it’s all myth. But we have a trustworthy eyewitness who gave us a written account of our real history. God told us how He created, what the earth was like when He created, how he cursed the earth because of sin and judged it in a global flood. There really was an ice age and a massive migration at the Tower of Babel. It is exciting for Christians to see that what we observe today confirms what God said and goes against the natural explanation of how we got here.

10:45 – Eyewitness History

5:00 – Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Great Deception

Why is it increasingly difficult to reach people for Christ today. Why is this world so divided and antagonistic to the gospel? The world is really divided over where we find truth. The world has a story of beginnings that tells us that we are just animals with no purpose, and people are acting like it. Dinosaurs are probably used more than anything else to convince children that evolution is true and the Bible is a myth. The church must be able to counter this with a proper understanding of what the Bible says about dinosaurs.

6:00 – The Struggle is Real: Reaching a Questioning World

How do we reach a world for Christ that is convinced that the Bible is a myth?  How do we teach in church so young people don’t grow up thinking they have outgrown fairytales? This struggle is real, and the church must seriously consider what it is doing, or the exodus of younger generations will just continue.

SCHEDULE: Monday, April 1st

7:00 – The Truth Shot: Science Confirms the Bible

Is it true that man’s idea of origins by natural means, called “science,” proves the Bible is a myth? Trying to explain where matter came from, where life came from, and how we got all the diversity of life today, without believing what God said in His Word, only leads to absurdity. When people assume that God does not exist, they reduce themselves to saying some really foolish things. What if what we see in nature today actually confirmed what God said in His Word is true. Our Creation Scene Investigation will help us see that science is really the creationists’ best friend.


March 31, 2019
April 1, 2019
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