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Evangelism 101

Carl shares from his heart in this powerful, thought provoking talk that will challenge you to evangelize the lost! If we want to reach the world today with the Gospel we’re going to have as many tools at our disposal as possible. One tool that everyone of us can use is, conversation! In this talk Carl uses clips from a popular TV program from Showtime featuring the entertainers Penn and Teller attacking Christianity and the Bible. Carl shows how and how NOT to answer the attacks leveled against Christians. The conclusion is one not soon forgotten where the “power of conversation” is seen first hand. This presentation will help and challenge audiences to be both real and relevant as they learn to talk with, not at, people in order to impact the culture. This talk is a part of the "Becoming Bold Conference - Live at the 3 Mile Project".  This talk will address the "Share it!" challenge.  

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