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Does “What’s in the Bible?”, Teach What’s in the Bible?

Teaching "how" to think is vital to stemming the church exodus. Carl use's popular media to teach how! Almost everybody knows about the "Veggie Tales" video's.  They have been hugely popular in both the Christian as well as the secular market. Well, visionary Phil Visher created another series entitled, "What's in the Bible?" that is amazingly well done. They are colorful, very professionally made and contain puppets, animation and lots of fun songs. In this talk Carl will breakdown the episode that deals with the book of Genesis. This is a talk that will encourage and equip the body of Christ to critically evaluate what we are watching.  It doesn't matter if we are watching secular or "Christian" programs.  We need to be like the Bereans and take what is being taught and comparing it with Scripture to see if it is true or not. This is a talk that will address the "Know it!", "Live it!" and "Share it!" components.

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