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Dads . . . It’s Time!

What we need today are Christian "men" who are willing to stand on the Word of God. In this powerful, straight-forward, biblically grounded talk Carl challenges men to stand up and be the spiritual leaders Christ has called them to be.  No more abdicating that responsibility to the world, the church or anybody else.  Dads, you are called to educate and train your children!   Carl will identify the tools being used to destroy families and then show how to overcome those attacks.  The Lord's pattern is that the man be the head of the home and be the provider, protector and priest of the family...and, raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord! This talk is a part of the  "Becoming Bold Conference - Live at the 3 Mile Project".  It will address the "Know it!" & "Share it!" challenge.

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