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Answering Skeptics . . . Richard Dawkins!

Dr. Dawkins isn't known for being friendly!  Can Christians withstand his attack?  Watch and see. Richard Dawkins is one of the most antagonistic of the "new atheists".  In this talk Carl takes a video that Dr. Dawkins made where he ambushed then President of  Concerned Women for America, Wendy Wright, and addresses the questions that he raised. Christians need to be aware that if Richard Dawkins is using an argument, hundreds of those that follow his every move will use it.  Using secular sources Carl will show that the claims that he makes are not that difficult to give an answer to.  The problem is not in the evidence, the problem is in the interpretation of the evidence. What about homo erectus? What about homo habilus? What about austrolopithecus? What about children having "gill slits" as they develop in their mothers womb? These plus many more questions are addressed in this talk.  This talk is designed to address the "Know it!" component of the Reasons for Hope ministry.

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