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Answering Skeptics . . . Bill Nye!

Recently Bill Nye the Science Guy has revealed himself to be very antagonistic of Christianity.  Let's address his claims.Bill Nye has become popular again recently.  He did a "Big Talk" video where he went after those that don't believe in evolution in a major way. In this talk Carl will break down that video and address his claims.  In addition questions that he raised will be addressed using secular sources.What does he mean by "evolution"? Are "tiny changes" the mechanism by which a worm eventually turned into humans? How are mutations involved in that process? Can a "Christian" really do "science"? What about "ancient dinosaur bones"?  Don't they show Christians are wrong? Plus more!
Christians need to be ready to give an answer for the reason for the hope that they have within them.  This talk will help give some of those answers and, hopefully, encourage the body of Christ to become more visible in the culture. This talk addresses the "Know it!" component of the Reasons for Hope ministry.

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