Your Mosaic

Hey Everybody,
I just wanted to take a second and give you some insights as to why we made this page. Romans 10:14 has always motivated me to speak to others. How will others hear, unless we speak the truth to them? 1 Peter 3:15 also commands us to share why we believe what we believe, with meekness and fear. My experience is that we should take the approach seen in Joshua 4:21. The Israelites set up “memorial stones” so that when future generations saw these stones they would be motivated to ask their meaning. This would allow them to share what the Lord had done and be a witness for Him. Well, I believe our experiences can and should be used the same way. We share our “memorial stones”, or “broken pieces” with others showing them that God can and does taken brokenness and turns it into something beautiful. Would you consider sharing your “mosaic” with us? Please record it and submit it to If we select it to be added to the site we’ll send you a free, “Reasons for Hope In the Mosaic of Your Life” book as a gift. The bottom line is, Stay Bold and share the love of Christ with others.