Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to the new and improved Reasons for Hope site! We just celebrated our 5th year as a ministry and it was time to update the look and functionality of the website. We thank Brad and Suzanna Holland for all of their HARD work in making this happen. Check them out at Contendia Communications.  BY THE WAY – As a way of saying “Thank You!” for sticking with us we have two gifts for you.

1.  Anything that you buy in our new Store you will receive 25% of for the month of June.  Use “hope25” in the Coupon Code Box at check out!
2.  If you want my first book, “Remote Control: The Power of Hollywood on Today’s Culture” we are giving you 50% off of that!  Use “thanks” in the Coupon Code Box for that special!

With this change we really tried to better reflect who we are as a ministry and make the mobile versions of the site much more user friendly. The speaking part of the ministry is vital to us getting the message out and moving the ministry forward so we wanted to make that part of the ministry more visible. Please share our information with your church, homeschool organization or group that is looking to address important issues from a biblical perspective. You can see the wide variety of meetings that we do on our Book a Speaker page.

And speaking of events, hopefully you will notice the difference in the way they are presented on our homepage. God has truly blessed us by opening the doors for ministry to take place across the globe. This year alone we’ve been in Mexico, Canada, Bogota – Colombia and Rochester, NY in the winter. To me, that classifies as a separate country. It was COLD! We praise God for those opportunities.

We will continue with thought provoking articles and powerful short video. We’re planning on expanding in the video realm due to the impact they’ve been having. Please pray for us there.  You can see the first “Media Correct” video where we’re trying to encourage Christians to use the media as a tool to teach the Word of God!

May we also thank you, the one who is the reason we do what we do. Our goal is two fold.

First, we want to encourage Christians in their faith by equipping them with biblically sound, powerfully produced materials. Prayerfully they will take what they learn or even the tools themselves and do something with them.

Secondly, we want to challenge those who don’t know Christ as their Savior. We know our arguments will do nothing in the long run. It’s our desire to be obedient to God when He told us to be prepared to give an answer for what we believe and to do it with meekness and fear knowing the He is the one that changes the heart. Not us! We’re sincerely trying to get out of His way by accurately and effectively representing the God that we serve.

We’ve also included a new section on the site. Outreach Projects. Would you consider helping us produce more materials like, deBUNKED, WMI or even Juan’s new book on Critical Thinking? If so, you now have a place to go directly and place your support.

Know this, your support is being used to equip the saints. Our brand new “22:6” study is now available and being used by many. This lesson includes 20 short films in a very unique format to help teach. There’s nothing like it on the market. Over $120,000 has been invested in the video’s and the study. We’re selling these for just $4.99 for four lessons! That’s unheard of! And remember, you can get 25% off of that for the month of June!

But, we do this because we want to see the body of Christ equipped and we believe that when Christians are able to give an answer for what they believe and explain why they believe it, good things will happen.

Thanks for your prayers, thanks for your support! Let us know how we can serve.

Stay Bold!

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