Seeing Your Mosaic Study Course

Our lives can be viewed as a mosaic, comprised of many broken pieces that come together to create a bigger picture.  Have you ever thoughtfully examined your life?  Have you considered the people, places, events, beliefs, revelations, joys, celebrations, trials, sorrows, work, recreational activities, etc. that have impacted and shaped your life?


By thoughtfully and prayerfully remembering the days gone by, you will be able to “see” how God has worked in and through your life.  A better understanding of God’s presence and direction in your life will result in a stronger testimony to His faithfulness and goodness.


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Seeing Your Mosaic is a study course created to compliment the book Reasons for Hope in the Mosaic of Your Life.

It is not a book study, but rather a personal journey to understand God’s hand of providence in your life and to see your mosaic.


The study is comprised of two parts:

  1. An individual journey of remembering and reflecting on how God has used the pieces of your life to mold and shape you into the person He created you to be. This portion of the study is completed independently.

  2. A group study that includes short video clips from these well-known and well-respected Bible teachers and pastors:

Voddie Baucham, Grace Family Baptist Church
Kirk Cameron, Living Waters
Mark Hall, lead singer Casting Crowns
Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends
Eric Hovind & Paul Taylor, Creation Today
Mike Riddle, Train 2 Equip
Mark Spence, Living Waters
Woodrow Kroll, Back to the Bible
Mark Cahill, Mark Cahill Ministries
Carl Kerby, Reasons for Hope

The group study is a six-seven week, no-homework, study that will equip you to be “ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you.” (1 Peter 3:15)


Note:  Seeing Your Mosaic Leader’s Guide is necessary for the video portion of the Mosaic study.  The Leader’s Guide is a downloadable PDF, available at the rforh store.  It provides access to all the videos, along with notes and answers for each video session.


Note:  Although the group study is designed to be a small group gathering, with a leader and participants, this part of the study course can also be completed independently.  It requires both the Seeing Your Mosaic Study Course and the Seeing Your Mosaic Leader’s Guide.  Access to the videos, along with notes and answers for each video session, are included in the Leader’s Guide.  All resources are available at


Purchase the book, Reasons for Hope in the Mosaic of Your Life for $10.99 and receive the Seeing Your Mosaic Study Guide FREE!

Study Guide alone is $5.99.  

Leader’s Guide is a downloadable PDF for $2.99 (Leader’s Guide is necessary for access to the videos). 


Mission and Goal of Seeing Your Mosaic Study Course

The mission of this study is to identify and understand the pieces of your life that God has used to create your mosaic.

The goal of this study is for you to clearly understand and articulate your  personal testimony.  In doing so, you will “be ready always” to share your reasons for hope.

We hope you will consider gathering a group of friends and embarking on this journey into

Seeing Your Mosaic

To purchase the book and receive your free study guide, click here.




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