Juan Valdes

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About Juan

juanJuan Valdes has a love for the Lord and a passion to reach both English and Spanish-speaking people with God’s message of redemption and biblical truths.   God has blessed Juan with exciting and motivating communication skills, which he enjoys using to encourage and equip believers to know, live and share what they believe.

Juan is the senior pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation in Florida and has worked at a Christian school as both a chaplain and a teacher for more than 20 years.

Juan’s educational background includes graduate work at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and master’s degrees from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Logos Graduate School. He has a Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics  from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

As an educated and experienced teacher of apologetics, Juan has taught Bible and Introduction to Philosophy at the High School level, and Theology, Bible, and Apologetics at the seminary level, in both English and Spanish.

Juan’s passion for teaching biblical apologetics, and his ability to effectively communicate in both English and Spanish, makes him a much sought after speaker.  He speaks regularly in the greater Miami area, across the country and internationally, at pastor’s conferences, youth conferences, apologetics conferences, and church services and events.

Juan and his wife Daisy have been married 25 years and have two adult children Juan Elias and Jessica. Together they serve in various areas of ministry in Miami, Florida.

Juan’s Talks


Faith vs. Reason

Are faith and Christianity irreconcilable with science and reason?  You may be surprised at the answer!

God or No God?

Belief in God is rational. God’s fingerprints are all over His creation.  Let’s talk about it!

The Doubt Virus 

Doubt is destroying young Christians when their faith is challenged and they are unprepared to respond. Let’s help them!

Three Chairs

On fire, lukewarm or rebellious? There’s one gospel, but three responses.  Which is yours?

Creation Conference

Did God really create the way that He said that He did?  Doesn’t the evidence support evolution?  Come find out!


Sometimes you just gotta’ wonder what’s going on! This is one of those times for me.