Juan Valdes

About Juan

juanJuan Valdes has a love for the Lord and a passion to reach both English and Spanish-speaking people with God’s message of redemption and biblical truths.   God has blessed Juan with exciting and motivating communication skills, which he enjoys using to encourage and equip believers to know, live and share what they believe.

Juan is the senior pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation in Florida and has worked at a Christian school as both a chaplain and a teacher for more than 20 years.

Juan’s educational background includes graduate work at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and master’s degrees from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Logos Graduate School. He has a Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics  from Southern Evangelical Seminary.

As an educated and experienced teacher of apologetics, Juan has taught Bible and Introduction to Philosophy at the High School level, and Theology, Bible, and Apologetics at the seminary level, in both English and Spanish.

Juan’s passion for teaching biblical apologetics, and his ability to effectively communicate in both English and Spanish, makes him a much sought after speaker.  He speaks regularly in the greater Miami area, across the country and internationally, at pastor’s conferences, youth conferences, apologetics conferences, and church services and events.

Juan and his wife Daisy have been married 25 years and have two adult children Juan Elias and Jessica. Together they serve in various areas of ministry in Miami, Florida.

Juan’s Talks


The Case for God – Can Christianity be defended beyond a shadow of a doubt?  Depends on your worldview!  We have good arguments for you.

The cumulative case for God’s existence is overwhelming. This talk is designed to present the four classical arguments for God’s existence. Each argument (Design, Creation, Morality, and Being) is presented clearly and objections are considered.



Five Reasons Why I’m Not an Atheist – If you’re wanting to reach out to those who disagree strongly with Christianity, this is the talk.

This talk is prepared to engage people who are antagonistic toward theism in general and Christianity in particular. It is a methodical, rational, and clear refutation of the “New Atheists.”




Engaging Bible Myths Arguments – Let’s learn how to give an answer for the reason for the hope within us!

This talk focus on the several attempts by various atheist and agnostic groups to argue that many of the Bible stories are myths and fables. Special attention is placed on the more controversial stories such as: the talking snake, the talking donkey, Jonah and the great fish, walking on water, and several other difficult passages.




Engaging Bill Nye – As Christians we should engage those who disagree with us, with meekness and fear! Meet, Bill Nye!

This talk is a thorough, phrase-by-phrase rebuttal of Bill Nye’s recent attack on biblical creationism and Christianity in general. Each of his ideas is debunked in a simple yet powerful case for biblical creationism. Emphasis is placed on attacking the ideas and not the person.



Engaging the Charge of Intolerance – Dealing with intolerance.  What’s the Bible’s alternative?

Our culture promotes the idea that it is intolerant and completely unacceptable to tell someone that you think they are wrong about something. That is, after all, the logical outworking of moral relativism. If everyone decides for themselves what is right and wrong, then who are we to tell someone they are wrong? This talk demonstrates that the modern concept of tolerance is self-defeating, and the biblical alternative is proven to be the rational position.



Engaging Moral Relativism – Can Christians support a “What’s right for you, may not be right for me!” mentality?  Let’s see.

This talk addresses the prevailing moral ethic of our culture. It is widely accepted by many (including Christian youth) that each individual can decide what is right and wrong for themselves. The talk presents a complete rebuttal of the main tenants of moral relativism and provides a strong biblical and rational foundation for moral absolutism.



Engaging Bill Maher and the “Copy Cat” Theory – Juan handles some of the most common attacks on Jesus in this talk.  Great information here!

This talk refutes the idea that Jesus Christ’s life, death, burial and resurrection are simply compilations of bits and pieces from different ancient mythologies. That idea is the main argument behind Bill Maher’s film “Religulous”  and the Internet movie “Zeitgeist”. The claims are explored one by one and thoroughly debunked.



Faith vs. Reason – Juan handles some of the most common attacks on Jesus in this talk.  Great information here!

This talk refutes the idea that Jesus Christ’s life, death, burial and resurrection are simply compilations of bits and pieces from different ancient mythologies. That idea is the main argument behind Bill Maher’s film “Religulous”  and the Internet movie “Zeitgeist”. The claims are explored one by one and thoroughly debunked.




Has God Spoken? – How do we know God exists?  Is there any evidence to support the claim that He does?

What we know about God is based on what He has revealed about Himself. This talk focuses on the various ways God has revealed Himself to man. In the process, atheism and agnosticism are refuted. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on the supremacy of the Bible as God’s ultimate revelation.




God or No God? – Belief in God is rational. God’s fingerprints are all over His creation.  Let’s talk about it!

This talk teaches people a powerful argument for God’s existence that begins with common sense rational observations of the universe in which we live. It then compares the findings to God’s revelation of Himself in the Bible, and provides a case study on the complexity of proteins and the improbability of evolution.




The Problem of Evil – One of the most asked questions about God that I get is about . . . Evil!  Let’s deal with it.

The problem of evil is perhaps one of the biggest obstacles to Christianity among the unsaved. This talk tackles the many aspects of this difficult issue by addressing many common questions: What is evil? Where did it come from? Is there a purpose to evil? Why can’t evil be stopped? Why is there so much evil? Couldn’t God have made a world without evil? Each question is addressed from a sound biblical, and rational, perspective.



Is There No Balm in Gilead? – Are there answers to the tough topics such as death and suffering?  Join Juan to find out.

This talk takes a fresh look at the problem of pain, evil and suffering from a theological perspective. It tackles five tough questions regarding the problem, and provides a rational biblically sound response. The questions tackled are:

1. Why didn’t God make a world where people did not hurt each other?
2. Did God create evil? If not, then where did evil come from?
3. Why didn’t God make us unable to choose to do things that cause pain and suffering?
4. Couldn’t God have anticipated the consequences of giving people free choice?
5. Why can’t evil be stopped?


A Portrait of Destiny – Does God really have a “plan” for your life?  Yes, He does.  Find out what it is!

A fresh look at God’s overall “master plan” for mankind. This talk highlights key principles regarding God’s plan and the way in which He has put His plan into motion. The talk is presented through an analogy of God as a painter and our lives as his portrait. This talk is encouraging because it emphasizes that our hope in God is well founded.



The Doubt Virus – Doubt is destroying young Christians when their faith is challenged and they are unprepared to respond. Let’s help them!

To further the dilemma, the answers provided by many range from irrelevant to heretical. Many of these young people find that nobody has a good answer and few Christians even care. What can we do to fight the spread of this virus?  Juan will help you identify the issues and prescribe a cure!



Three Chairs – On fire, lukewarm or rebellious? There’s one gospel, but three responses.  Which is yours?

Juan Valdes illustrates the responses using three chairs and asks, “In which chair do you sit?” In this talk, Juan looks at the condition of our country and the condition of God’s Kingdom on earth. Why is our country in a downward spiral of rebelling against God? Why are there so many Christian who profess Christ with their lips but don’t live like they know Him? This talk convicts and challenges Christians and non-believers alike with biblical truths about Who Christ is and what their response should be to His love and grace. Juan focuses on Reasons for Hope’s mission to equip and encourage Christians to Know it! Live it! and Share it! and to be a testimony and witness to the those who do not know Christ (yet). This is a powerful message that will challenge everyone….your church needs to hear this.