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As a young person Frank always struggled with “authority,” and wanted to know WHY he needed to do what he was told to do, especially when it came to organized religion. That changed when someone at a Bible study gave him a copy of Josh McDowell’s book, “Evidence That Demands A Verdict.” The fact that someone was able to systematically and logically validate the truth claims of the Bible is one of the things that led him to place his faith in Jesus Christ.

Frank’s goal is to be able to reach the skeptics like his previous self by being able to share with them that God is a God of design, order and logic. He enjoys having conversations with people about things that are true. Sharing God’s truths in a proper and understandable way is one of his greatest joys.

When Frank is not fulfilling his duties as a pastor, or guest speaker, he and his wife love to travel. He also loves shooting sports and especially enjoys bow hunting. His love for archery even led he and his wife to start a ministry to share the gospel along with the skills of archery to the youth of Hawaii entitled, Centershot Hawaii. Frank has a Science Education degree from the University of Hawaii, but his greatest credential is experience and time spent in the ministry.

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Pastor Frank Figueroa has been our high school Bible teacher at our Hawaii Merit Camp for the past few years. A dynamite speaker Frank connects with his audience and his down-to-earth way of speaking grabs the attention of our campers. He is relevant and scripture based. His visuals that enhance his talks keep the campers engaged. He’s bold in his teaching and is very passionate to reach our youth with Truth so they can stay firm against the social norms and what the world thinks is right.

Honolulu, HI

Frank's Experience

  • Senior Pastor at Waipio Grace Brethren Church
  • Former Youth, Missions, and Sunday Evening Pastor at Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor
  • Presenter at a number of youth camps, including the AWANA Merit Camp in Aiea, Hawaii
  • Presenter at a number of Christian and private schools throughout Hawaii
  • Keynote Speaker at the Hawai’i Homeschool Conference
  • Frequent speaker to home school youth assemblies
  • Teacher at various Awana adult training seminars
  • Leader and presenter at various churches and colleges in Samoa

Frank's Talks

  • The Creator And The Little Blue Dot
    We will look God’s creation in regards to our place within the Habitable Zone within our solar system.
  • Different Shades Of Brown
    A study of racism, particularly within our country, and a discussion of the realization that we are all just different shades of brown.
  • Common Sense
    A basic introduction of the young earth position using our common senses to observe the evidence that is presented in the world in which we live.
  • Away In A Manger
    A look at the typical manger that is set up at Christmas to examine what the Bible says, and does not say, regarding the holiday we […]
  • Animals On Parade
    A look at the biology of animals that will show design that can only come from a Designer, Jesus.
  • A Nation Adrift
    A look into our Founding Fathers and their presupposition that Biblical values needed to be the bedrock upon which the USA was built.
  • The Heavens, Earth, Animals, and Man
    We will look into 4 facets of God’s creation and see how wonderfully made each and every one of the facets are by getting into specifics […]
  • Six Literal Days
    A in depth look at the six literal day position for the God’s creation of the earth using the Bible as the Authority to determine true […]
  • My Heart Christ’s Home
    A five part series based off the short book by Robert Boyd Munger, My Heart, Christ’s Home. Geared towards young adults, we will look into our […]
  • Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness
    A four part series of the constitutional rights we have as Americans including; The protection of life; The freedom of speech; The freedom of Religion; And […]
  • He Remembered To Say Thank You
    A look at a children’s book about the leper that remembered to tell Jesus thank you and how this can be tied in to the first […]
  • Gender Studies
    A five part series of the gender war that is raging within our culture and the Biblical position of the two genders that are mentioned within […]
  • Fossils
    A look into the world of fossils and what we know and do not know of these historical evidences of the end of life.
  • Drifting Away
    A look at the life of King David, and others, who drift away into sin because they took their foot off the Solid Rock Who is […]
  • Dinosaur Basics
    A look at some fo the commonly held misconceptions about dinosaurs and discussing the Bible’s statements on these amazing creatures.

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