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Carl was first introduced to apologetics by two pilots after he’d told them evolution was compatible with the Bible, which is what he’d been taught in Sunday school. These men pulled out their Bible and showed him that what the WORLD taught wasn’t the same as what the WORD taught. With 50% to 88% of the younger generation raised in the church leaving the church by the age of 18, Carl’s desire is for them to KNOW what they’re walking away from. This can only happen if they’re able to critically think and evaluate arguments so they can determine truth.

Carl would say he doesn’t enjoy speaking, at times he’s terrified of it. However, seeing people get excited because they realize they can trust the Word of God inspires him to continue on. When he’s not speaking, Carl loves being with his family and friends. He also enjoys the ocean - snorkeling, boogie boarding or fishing. Carl has two honorary Doctorates and a degree in Biblical Studies. However, his most important credentials would be SSBGTFIC – (Sinner Saved By Grace Through Faith In Christ) and husband/father and grandfather.

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    Carl Kerby is an amazing gift to the church and the world! In a time when people are hurting, lost, angry, confused, and mislead, Carl is remarkably skilled at bringing light and truth to people’s hearts. Truly a gifted and anointed, teacher, speaker, preacher, and man.

    Bolingbrook, IL

    Carl's Experience

    Carl's Talks

    • Something From Nothing
      According to a writer for the New York Times, “If ‘On the Origin of Species’ was biology’s deadliest blow to supernaturalism, we may come to see […]
    • Whose “Voice” Are We Listening To?
      Let’s use the popular TV show, “The Voice” to make an important biblical point! There are many “voices” that are speaking to us in the world […]
    • What About . . . Aliens?
      Does the Bible talk about Aliens? If so, what does it say? How do we deal with this increasingly popular subject? Many would think this isn’t […]
    • Finding God in Ancient China
      If the Bible is true, shouldn’t the oldest writing known have references to it?  Maybe it does! As a young boy Carl was intrigued by Japanese […]
    • 1 Peter 3:15 & Giving Reasons For Hope!
      How can Christians offer true “hope” to the world that we live in? Using 1 Peter 3:13-16 Carl shares the “Who”, “What”, “How” and “Why” it […]
    • Answering Skeptics . . . Bill Nye!
      Recently Bill Nye the Science Guy has revealed himself to be very antagonistic of Christianity.  Let’s address his claims.
    • Answering Skeptics . . . Richard Dawkins!
      Dr. Dawkins isn’t known for being friendly!  Can Christians withstand his attack?  Watch and see. Richard Dawkins is one of the most antagonistic of the “new […]
    • Becoming Bold! Know it! Live it! Share it!
      The church is losing its next generation at an alarming rate. What can we do about it? Anywhere from 50 to 88 percent of the young […]
    • Dads . . . It’s Time!
      What we need today are Christian “men” who are willing to stand on the Word of God. In this powerful, straight-forward, biblically grounded talk Carl challenges […]
    • Does “What’s in the Bible?”, Teach What’s in the Bible?
      Teaching “how” to think is vital to stemming the church exodus. Carl use’s popular media to teach how!
    • Evangelism 101
      Carl shares from his heart in this powerful, thought provoking talk that will challenge you to evangelize the lost! If we want to reach the world […]
    • Full Code or Comfort Measures! What Faith Do You Have?
      What can we learn from a hospital encounter that would challenge us to evangelize more?  Watch and see! Do you have a “full-code” or “Comfort Measures” […]
    • Is “The Bible” Biblical?
      Let’s use popular media to teach a generation “how” to think!  It doesn’t have to be boring. The History Channel’s hit show, “The Bible” was watched […]
    • Jesus on Genesis!
      It doesn’t matter what we think about Genesis, it matter’s what Jesus thought!  Let’s see what He taught. Many in the church today do not believe […]
    • Jurassic Park or Jesus: Who Knows More?
      Using secular media Carl teaches how to address popular claims about the Bible and dinosaurs! Ask this question in the church today and almost every Christian […]
    • Real World Evangelism – Air Traffic Control!
      Get an “inside” look at Air Traffic Control and let’s see if we can’t make spiritual application. Using his former job as an Air Traffic Controller […]
    • Real World Evangelism – The Grand Canyon!
      Does the Bible have application in a place like the Grand Canyon.  Thanks for asking, YES, it does! Carl shares amazing, first-hand stories that have happened […]
    • Real World Evangelism – The Smithsonian!
      Can’t make it to Washington D.C. to tour the Smithsonian?  Let’s do a virtual tour, from a biblical perspective. Using only secular sources Carl will discuss […]
    • Remote Control: Critically Evaluating What We Are Watching!
      Teach a generation “how” to think when watching TV and movies.  This is a very important topic for Christians today. Today’s Christians are so used to […]
    • Remote Controller: Critically Evaluating What We Are Playing!
      Video games aren’t important, right?  Not so fast, you may want to hear this information. Until he was challenged by his son Carl Sr. thought that […]
    • What About . . . Dinosaurs?
      Does the Bible really talk about dinosaurs?  Yes, and you may be surprised at how much it says! When we start from the Scriptures as it […]
    • What About . . . Fossils?
      Let’s talk about fossils and what the evidence actually supports.  Slow, gradual processes or rapid, catastrophic processes? This entertaining talk will challenge the belief that the […]
    • What About . . . Genesis? Can We Trust It?
      This talk will share vitally important research on the youth that are leaving the church. We can stem the tide! This talk is vital to understanding why […]
    • What About . . . Human Evolution?
      Everyone knows humans evolved from ape-like ancestors, right?  Looks look at the evidence and see! In our world today we’re inundated with the message that man […]
    • What About . . . “Races”?
      “What you believe about where you come from will impact the way that you live your life today!” This is one of the most important talks […]
    • What is the ‘Best’ Evidence God Created?
      You’ll never look at a zoo the same after this talk!  This is fun, fast paced and biblical! Audiences across the globe have been thrilled with […]

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