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carlCarl Kerby’s passion is to proclaim the authority and accuracy of the Bible and to engage the minds and hearts of believers and unbelievers so that they may experience the realities of the Word of God.

Whether Carl speaks to youth or adults, large or small crowds, at churches or schools, he has a way of connecting and engaging with everyone.  From all ages, all walks of life and wherever they are on their faith journey, Carl reaches people with biblical truths, providing knowledge and reasons why we can trust God and His Word.

Carl is a much sought-after speaker, both in the U.S. and abroad.  He has spoken in Bermuda, Canada, England, Greece, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, Tanzania and Wales.

As a founding Board Member of Answers in Genesis, Carl served there for more than 15 years before co-founding the apologetics ministry, Reasons for Hope (rforh).

Carl has had many roles in his life, (son of a professional wrestler (Tribute to my father website!), air-traffic controller at O’Hare International Airport, founding board member and speaker for Answers in Genesis), but his most cherished roles are as a husband to his wife, Masami, a father to his children, Alisa and Carl, Jr., and a grandfather to Trey, Naomi, Mari, James and J.T..

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Giant Fresh Water Squid, Oh My!

Hey Everyone, Did you see the headlines on the latest find on the shores of Lake Michigan?  Take a look if you missed it: Wow!  Can you believe that they actually found a 21 foot-long freshwater squid on the shores of Good Harbor Bay?  Unbelievable!  How in the world did …

Bible Proven Wrong, AGAIN???

Did you read the front-page headlines on Yahoo news recently? If you didn’t,  Bible believing Christian, you should be afraid, you should be very afraid.  And that’s because the Bible has been proven wrong, again! Christians what in the world are we doing?  How is it that we’ve been so …

The Old “C” Word

I hope you read Juan’s article on “The New “F” Word!” (Read Here!) because it’s really powerful.  Interestingly enough, the weekend after I read the article I had my own encounter with someone who called me the old “C” word!  Hang on, I’ll tell you about it.  

The New “F” Word

A few days ago, someone threw an “F-bomb” at me. Well, not exactly. It wasn’t the traditional “F” word, but rather a new one (at least new to me). I was accused, quite condescendingly I may add, of being a Fundamentalist.

Fixing Myself

Philippians 1:6–And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Recently a friend of mine posted the image above on their Facebook page. When I read it, I understood what it was saying, …

Where were you on May 15, 1987?

Psalm 103:2-5 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy, who satisfies you with good so that your youth is renewed …

Enough is Enough with Horus Already!

Not very long ago I was challenged on an issue that has come up a few times over the years.  This time it was different because the same challenge came in from multiple sources at almost the same time. In the past I’d dealt with it superficially and wasn’t that …

Boys vs. Men

Boys vs. Men, can you tell the difference?  Let me share something that was shared with me explaining the difference.

The Million Dollar Question!

Forgive me for dealing with something that I PRAY everyone who reads this already has the answer to. We have dealt with this question in the past in an article entitled “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”  but, to reinforce WHY you should have an answer to this …

Update 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! Please allow me to say a huge “Thank You!” to everyone for 2016.  It was by far our busiest and most successful year in ministry since we started. 

Life Lessons From the Road! Keys

Hey everyone, we sure hope that we can encourage you by sharing lessons we’ve learned on our travels.  It’s our desire that our lesson’s will give you idea’s on how to use your experiences to teach those the Lord has put in your sphere of influence. 

Life Lessons From the Road!

I’ll never forget one of my first ministry trips to Japan.  Most of you know that I love Japan.  I lived there for over 4 years while in the Air Force and met my wife there.  I’d move back tomorrow if I could afford to take the whole family.  But, …

Not So Bright Spot: Losing our Youth

Encouragement and disappointment go hand-in-hand. As encouraging as the many “Bright Spots” over the last 6 years of ministry at Reasons for Hope* have been, (Bright Spot: Trust God) there have also been seasons of disappointment—the no so “bright spots!”

Reflections on Six Years of Ministry

Psalm 77:11-14 11 I shall remember the deeds of [i]the Lord;Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. 12 I will meditate on all Your work, And muse on Your deeds. 13 Your way, O God, is holy; What god is great like our God? 14 You are the God who works wonders; You have made known Your strength among the peoples.

The Smell of Rain

The Smell of Rain When I was in graduate school, there were many times that I needed a break from working at the bench.  The guy that worked across from my lab bench one day walked in the lab from outdoors with a scoopful of soil in a test tube.  …

Grand Canyon Trip

I had an amazing experience on one of the last Grand Canyon trips the Lord allowed me to be a part of.  This was one of the most difficult trips that we’ve ever taken, from an equipment perspective.  Please allow me to share that experience with you.

New Lucy Booklet

DOWNLOAD THE BOOKLET HERE! I’m praising God that I was able to film all 14 of the new studies that I’ll be doing for our Academy of Hope* Online Classes we’re going to be starting up next year.  It was a LOT of work, but I’m so excited to see …

Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster? Part 5

The inspiration of the Bible and its inerrancy are beyond question, but they are often misunderstood by those standing on the outside looking in.  For example, many of the modern critics of God take stories from the Old Testament and assume that the behavior of its characters reflects God’s moral …

The Pursuit of Truth

“Does not the ear test words, as the palate tastes its food?” Job 12:11     We live in a world where people seem to be out of touch with reality. Whether it’s due to unrealistic dreams and expectations, misinformation, ignorance, spiritual blindness, or any number of other causes — Truth …

Is the God of the Old Testament a Moral Monster? Part 2

Chris got into a lot of trouble yesterday and he wants you to help him figure out why. It all started as he woke up, got dressed, drove down Pennsylvania Avenue and parked in a spot with a sign that read: “Reserved for the President of the United States.”

“Grimm” and the Garden of Eden!

We just released another video in a series we’re calling “Media Correct”.  This is where we used a clip from a secular program that has spiritual or biblical implications.  In number 2 we used a TV commercial for the insurance company, Allstate. 

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