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Bob Gillespie

Bob Gillespie

Meet Bob

Bob Gillespie

Bob and his wife Lois graduated from Cedarville University in Ohio. Bob went on to receive his masters degree at Clark’s Summit Seminary in PA. They both spent 14 years teaching in Christian schools in Ohio and another 10 years teaching missionary kids in West Africa.
Bob taught science, history and Bible, always emphasizing why his students can believe the whole Bible. Coming back from Africa, God called Bob to expand his apologetics teaching to adults as well. He was with Answers in Genesis for 7 years, speaking in camps and schools, and holding apologetics conferences in over 350 locations all over the US.

Today, Bob and Lois still travel together with Reasons for Hope. He likes to communicate the message of why believing in Genesis as literal history is important, how to answer the questions that convince so many that they can’t believe the Bible, and how to reach a generation that thinks the Bible is a myth.



Bob’s Experience

“I’d like to thank y’all again for coming to Brownsville. I feel like God sent you here for me.  Mr Bob’s preaching has opened my eyes to so much. Questions I’ve had all my life you answered so well.  My confusion over some things in Genesis have bugged me for years. I’m so much more confident in my faith now.  I’m going to read your books and become a better witness. I’m so excited about my new knowledge.  Thanks for making me a better Christian.” Brownsville, TN

  • Contributing author to the very popular World Religions Book Vol. 2, Chapter 11 “Druidism”
  • Over 35 years of ministry experience in a wide variety of settings
  • Future teacher in the Academy of Hope Online courses
  • Associate speaker for Answers in Genesis for 7 years
  • Camp Speaker at Camp Patmos, Sacandaga Bible Camp, Scioto Hills Christian Camp, Bay Shore Camp, Hanging Rock Christian Assembly, Round Lake Christian Camp, Echo Grove Camp, Rock Lake Christian Assembly Camp, and Twin Lakes Camp
  • Speaker at Bethany Bible Conference, Mission and Ministry Summit, Grand Rapids Church Workers Conference,  2015 Apologetics Conference with Josh McDowell, Pennsylvania Year of the Bible Conference
  • Speaker at 2016 Family Life Conference with Life Matters in Togo, Africa
  • Keynote Speaker at 2017 Education Convention at Grace Christian College in Quezon City, Philippines
  • Keynote Speaker at 2017 Educators’ Leadership Conference Int’l at Grace Christian College in Quezon City, Philippines

Bob’s Talks

Eyewitness History

Eyewitness History – Many people just assume that “science” has proven we can’t believe what the Bible says. What they don’t know is that the atheist’s belief of how everything got here purely by natural means, without God, is being called science. Christians who believe the Bible are accused of being science deniers. If man’s view of history is true, the Genesis account of creation, Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel…it’s all myth. But we have a trustworthy eyewitness who gave us a written account of our real history. God told us how He created, what the earth was like when He created, how he cursed the earth because of sin and judged it in a global flood. There really was an ice age and a massive migration at the Tower of Babel. It is exciting for Christians to see that what we observe today confirms what God said and goes against the natural explanation of how we got here. We will answer some of the most asked questions like:

  • How old is the earth?
  • Why is there death and suffering in the world?
  • How did Noah fit all those animals on the ark?


Genesis: Truth or Trash?Genesis: Truth or Trash? – Genesis…is it just a bunch of stories, or is it an eyewitness account from the Creator Himself?  The world today is divided on this issue. Where are we going to find truth, in man’s ideas or what God actually said. The Bible tells us the truth about how we got here, who we are, why we are here, where we are going. It is the foundation to the gospel, to all of our morality, and to our walk with God. However, billions of years and evolution has so eroded the authority of scripture, that even much of the church is telling us we don’t have to believe that first part of the Bible. As a result, people don’t know who they are or why they are here, so they turn to violence, and rage or hopelessness and depression. The world needs truth as never before, but is Genesis Truth or Trash?


Dinosaurs and the Great Deception

Dinosaurs and the Great Deception – Why is it increasingly difficult to reach people for Christ today. Why is this world so divided and antagonistic to the gospel? The world is really divided over where we find truth. The world has a story of beginnings that tells us that we are just animals with no purpose, and people are acting like it. Dinosaurs are probably used more than anything else to convince children that evolution is true and the Bible is a myth. The church must be able to counter this with a proper understanding of what the Bible says about dinosaurs.




The Struggle Is Real!

The Struggle is Real: Reaching a Questioning World – How do we reach a world for Christ that is convinced that the Bible is a myth?  How do we teach in church so young people don’t grow up thinking they have outgrown fairytales? This struggle is real, and the church must seriously consider what it is doing, or the exodus of younger generations will just continue.




Science Confirms the BibleThe Truth Shot: Science Confirms the Bible – Is it true that man’s idea of origins by natural means, called “science,” proves the Bible is a myth? Trying to explain where matter came from, where life came from, and how we got all the diversity of life today, without believing what God said in His Word, only leads to absurdity. When people assume that God does not exist, they reduce themselves to saying some really foolish things. What if what we see in nature today actually confirmed what God said in His Word is true. Our Creation Scene Investigation will help us see that science is really the creationists’ best friend. (formerly CSI: Creation Scene Investigation)



How the Bible Changed the World

How the Bible Changed the World – Have you ever wondered why Europe and North America have so much freedom and prosperity while so many other areas of the world have struggled for centuries?  Some say it is because certain people are less evolved. The truth is that the Bible has changed the world. We begin by contrasting the true perspective of reality given to us in the Bible with other worldviews around the world that have kept people in poverty. We conclude with the worldview clash in America between the Bible and Secular Humanism, and how humanists have been successful in teaching their lies to the younger generations. This false worldview will lead to devastating consequences right here in America. This talk is designed to give a greater appreciation of the importance of the Bible and explain why America is so divided today.


Dueling Worldviews – How can so many sincere people have such diametrically opposing views about how to make this world a better place. Many people start out by believing the basic assumption of Secular Humanism. This worldview permeates much of the western influenced world. It has taken over educational institutions, the media, and much of political thinking. By contrasting the basic starting beliefs of a Biblical Worldview with the starting beliefs of Secular Humanism, we’ll begin to see how these contrasting views will flesh out in the political, moral and social issues of our day.


Why Should I Care What Genesis Says?! – There are too many Christians struggling with sin, just holding on till Jesus comes and finally gives us eternal life. Jesus said He came not only to give us life, but abundant life. The book of Genesis is the key to understand this often-missed aspect of our salvation. When we see the events as described in Genesis as literal and historical, we are able to see how, we had everything with Adam, how we lost it all to Satan, and how we gain it all back in Christ. This is not your typical apologetics lecture, yet this will be a great faith building and empowering message. (formerly Genesis: the Key to Abundant Living)


How Do I Know the Bible is True?How Do I Know the Bible Is True? – This is not “How Can I Prove the Bible Is True?” Everyone starts out with a belief system, and proof of that believe system is always ‘in the eye of the beholder.’ Are there good reasons to be confident in the scriptures, or do we just have blind faith? This talk will explain why atheists are the ones who go by blind faith, while Christians have good reasons to believe the Bible.




A Young Earth

Age Matters: A Young Earth

  • Can we trust the Bible literally or do we have to look to modern science to help us figure out what the Bible says?
  • Do we have to accept atheist’s beliefs of how everything evolved over billions of years or can we believe what God actually said?

The age of the earth actually is a water shed issue. We at Reasons for Hope* start out with the belief that there should be no authority outside of scripture that determines what the Bible means. All truth claims must be measured by what the Bible actually says. This is not just a blind faith position that goes against all the “facts” of science; there are good scientific evidences that confirm a young earth.


Evolution MythbustingEvolution Mythbusting – As an outreach to seekers or to those who are convinced evolution is true, this talk is made up of short video clips of interviews with mainstream secular scientists who are questioning the basic tenants of evolution. The purpose is not to answer all the questions, but to put cracks in their armor of disbelief. By dealing with the typical “evidences” for evolution – fossils, mutations, finch beaks, etc., this talk points out that there is no observational evidence for evolution. This powerful presentation concludes with an animated tour of a living cell to illustrate how life could not have come about by spontaneous generation. After seeing this presentation, one Chinese university student shared with her Christian friend, “I have cracks in my armor of disbelief.”


Most Asked QuestionsMost Asked Questions – This session gives answers to those puzzling questions about Genesis and science. Many of these might be questions you are hesitant to ask for fear that some may doubt your faith. There are answers – Reasons for Hope* is a good place to look for them!




Don't Myth the Boat!Don’t Myth the Boat! – A deeper look into all we know about the Ark and flood geology from our true historical account in the Bible and what we witness in His Creation.