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Bob first got started in apologetic ministry when he taught Bible History and Science for 14 years in Christians schools, as well as on the mission field in West Africa. His goal was to teach his students that they could trust the whole Bible, and teach them to answer the skeptical questions that seem to make so many people stumble.

Upon leaving Africa, Bob felt God’s calling to go into full time apologetic ministry. The Lord opened the door for him to become an associate speaker for Answers in Genesis for 8 years. Bob’s greatest joy in speaking is seeing faces light up in the audience as they discover they don’t have to be intimidated by secular scientists or teachings that seem to make the Bible seem irrelevant. His passion is that everyone he speaks with sees they can trust the Word of God as an absolute, unwavering authority.

Bob enjoys traveling and speaking with his wife, Lois. He holds a degree from Cedarville University and Master’s degree from Clark’s Summit Seminary in PA. You can read more about their 35 years of ministry together at

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I’d like to thank y’all again for coming to Brownsville. I feel like God sent you here for me. Mr Bob’s preaching has opened my eyes to so much. Questions I’ve had all my life you answered so well. My confusion over some things in Genesis have bugged me for years. I’m so much more confident in my faith now. I’m going to read your books and become a better witness. I’m so excited about my new knowledge. Thanks for making me a better Christian.

We had Bob Gillespie here at Fellowship Baptist Church in Nederland, TX on Sunday, December 9, 2018. He gave two talks and I could not have been more impressed and pleased. The information he gave our people was presented in a very compelling way. People are still talking about things they learned from him that day and questions he answered for them..

Bob's Experience

  • Contributing author to the very popular World Religions Book Vol. 2, Chapter 11 "Druidism"
  • Over 35 years of ministry experience in a wide variety of settings
  • Future teacher in the Academy of Hope Online courses
  • Associate speaker for Answers in Genesis for 8 years
  • Camp Speaker at Camp Patmos, Skyview Ranch, Sacandaga Bible Camp, Scioto Hills Christian Camp, Bay Shore Camp, Hanging Rock Christian Assembly, Round Lake Christian Camp, Echo Grove Camp, Rock Lake Christian Assembly Camp, and Twin Lakes Camp
  • Speaker at Bethany Bible Conference, Mission and Ministry Summit, Grand Rapids Church Workers Conference,  2015 Apologetics Conference with Josh McDowell, Pennsylvania Year of the Bible Conference
  • Speaker at 2016 Family Life Conference with Life Matters in Togo, Africa
  • Keynote Speaker at 2017 Education Convention at Grace Christian College in Quezon City, Philippines
  • Keynote Speaker at 2017 Educators' Leadership Conference Int'l at Grace Christian College in Quezon City, Philippines

Bob's Talks

Most Requested

  • Age Matters: A Young Earth
    All truth claims must be measured by what the Bible actually says. This is not just a blind faith position that goes against all the “facts” […]
  • Dinosaurs, Dragons, Aliens: The Great Deception
    The whole family will enjoy this talk as we answer the questions: “Does the Bible really talk about dinosaurs?”, “Did dinosaurs really live millions of years […]
  • Eyewitness History
    One of the biggest questions of the day is, “How can I believe the book of Genesis in this age of Science?”  This talk will address […]
  • How the Bible Changed the World
    Have you ever wondered why Europe and North America have so much freedom and prosperity while so many other areas of the world have struggled for […]
  • Science Confirms the Bible
    This presentation is designed to clearly explain the difference between observational science and historical science. Many believe that evolution is scientific and based on facts, and […]
  • The Gathering Store
    The Gathering Storm
    The Gathering Storm is a wake up call to the church, explaining the approaching menace of secular humanism and its incessant attacks on Christianity. We take […]

Additional Talks

  • Science: the Truth Shot
    It is commonly accepted in our culture that science has proven the Bible to be a myth. As a result, many Christians are intimidated by the […]
  • Most Asked Questions
    This session gives answers to those puzzling questions about Genesis and science. Many of these might be questions you are hesitant to ask for fear that […]
  • Evolution Mythbusting
    As an outreach to seekers or to those who are convinced evolution is true, this talk is made up of short video clips of interviews with […]
  • How Do I Know the Bible is True?
    This title is not “How Can I Prove the Bible Is True.”  Everyone starts out with a belief system, and proof of that believe system is […]
  • Genesis: the Key to Abundant Living
    There are too many Christians struggling with sin, just holding on till Jesus comes and finally gives us eternal life. Jesus said He came not only […]
  • Dueling Worldviews
    How can so many sincere people have such diametrically opposing views about how to make this world a better place. By contrasting the basic starting beliefs […]
  • The Struggle is Real: Reaching a Questioning World
    Why is it increasingly difficult to reach the younger generation for Jesus Christ? Why is the church in America experiencing at least a 70% casualty rate […]
  • Genesis – Truth or Trash?
    Our nation is more divided today than we have ever been since the Civil War. The dividing issue is “Where do we find truth – in […]

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