rforh App Getting Good Feedback!




We are so blessed!  The rforh app has been getting downloaded and we’ve heard very encouraging feedback.  Thank you to everyone who has put this tool to use.  We’re excited to tell you that it is expanding.  We’ve been doing a LOT of work on the Worldview Survey section especially.

Very soon we will have the Answers to the Questions section up and running.  This will include links as well as video’s to give you answers to the questions before you ask them.

Here’s a few comments we’ve received:

Loved it!

I just got the rforh app for my android. Very professional and informative. My kids love the Hit it-n-Git it feature. More please!!!

Buy this app!

Jon Micah really blessed us with this kind endorsement!  Make sure you check out what Kutless is doing as well.  These guys are good friends.  Pray for their ministry in music.  Also, he is putting together something very amazing.  Pray the Lord will give him wisdom to pull it all together!

Rich is a dear friend as well, make sure you pray for him.  He’s in a very tough environment and is striving to be a bright light.  Pray for he and his wife, Beth, that the Lord will continue to use them to bring glory to Himself.

If you’re interested you can download this tool here, iPhone or Android!

Thank you and Stay bold!

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