Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

14 Sep

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Head’s up parents!  Recently I saw a trailer for a movie that is being released September 30th called “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.”

This series has been very successful with a total of three books being published.  The first was released in 2012 and made it to the New York Times best seller list.   It stayed there for 70 weeks, eventually reaching the #1 spot on the Children’s Chapter Books list for almost a month.

There are now three books in the series with the last one, “Library of Souls,” being released in 2015.

As I was watching it I saw something that made me want to dig a little deeper.  (If you’d like to see the Trailer for yourself before reading any further take a look here, it’s only 2:34 seconds long.)  This is what caught my attention:


As a result of my interest being peaked I read the 3 books to see what we might expect in the upcoming movie.

It reads as “x-Men” meets “Harry Potter” and surprise, surprise, it’s definitely going to be teaching an evolutionary worldview.   Take a look at how the book explains humanity:

““The composition of the human species is infinitely more diverse than most humans suspect,” she began. “The real taxonomy of Homo sapiens is a secret known to only a few, of whom you will now be one. At base, it is a simple dichotomy: there are the coerlfolc, the teeming mass of common people who make up humanity’s great bulk, and there is the hidden branch—the crypto-sapiens, if you will—who are called syndrigast, or “peculiar spirit” in the venerable language of my ancestors. As you have no doubt surmised, we here are of the latter type.””

“I was deeply grateful to the Gypsies, and for the simplemindedness of the animal part of my brain; that a hot meal and a song and a smile from someone I cared about could be enough to distract me from all that darkness, if only for a little while.”

““That hurts. That’s me you’re talking about, you know! Me and all my men here, before we evolved. I’ll try not to take your slight personally, though. The adolescent phase is rarely attractive, whatever the species.””

So, evolution is the explanation for how man got here.  No surprise there since this is the prevailing belief.

But, here is where I was extremely disappointed.  Take a look at how Christians are depicted:

““There was a time when we could mix openly with common folk. In some corners of the world we were regarded as shamans and mystics, consulted in times of trouble. A few cultures have retained this harmonious relationship with our people, though only in places where both modernity and the major religions have failed to gain a foothold, such as the black-magic island of Ambrym in the New Hebrides. But the larger world turned against us long ago. The Muslims drove us out. The Christians burned us as witches. Even the pagans of Wales and Ireland eventually decided that we were all malevolent faeries and shape-shifting ghosts.””

The evil Christians were burning these poor people at the stake who in actuality were just higher evolved individuals.

I can’t say how attacking it will be since I’ve obviously not seen the movie yet.  My prediction though is it’s not going to be very friendly toward biblical Christianity.

If your children are reading these books, be aware, they are definitely teaching a Worldview that is diametrically opposed to what the Bible teaches.

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby is an inspiring, motivating and highly respected Christian speaker. With more than 20 years of ministry experience, Carl shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of God’s creation in his presentations, outreach events, books and other resources as the President and founding board member of Reasons for Hope, Inc.