What About . . . Lucy? Part 5

25 Apr

What About . . . Lucy? Part 5

Just cut to the chase, was “Lucy” an ancestor between apes and humans?

That’s about as “rubber meets the road” as it gets.  I’ll tell you what, instead of me telling you if “Lucy”  was or wasn’t, how about I let those that believe in evolution answer that question instead.  First, here’s an article from “The Jerusalem Post”:


If that’s not enough, let me give you a piece that is irrefutable.  A while back “Lucy’s” bones were brought to the United States and put on display in a variety of museums.  This was unprecedented.

While at the Houston Museum of Natural Science I know people who drove 7 hours one way with their children just to visit these bones.

iFestThe exhibit was called, “Lucy’s Legacy: The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia”

In conjunction with the tour they produced many materials talking about the importance of this exhibit and to help further understanding about “Lucy” and “her” importance. 

To you left you see the cover of the “Teacher’s Curriculum Guide” which I got a copy of so that I could see what is being taught by the secular scientists themselves.  What I found actually shocked me.


From the “ifest 2008, Out of Africa: The Three Journeys” publication, page 20:

“For many years, Lucy was thought to be a direct human ancestor, but we now see her as belonging to a separate group of hominids from those which became our species, Homo sapiens.”

So, according to the publications that were produced by the people who were showing “Lucy’s” bones to tens of thousands of people, she’s no longer thought to be an ancestor to Homo sapiens.

Case closed and . . . 

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Carl Kerby

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