The Three Chairs – Chair 3

03 Feb

What are the characteristics of the person sitting in chair 3? Which chair are you in?

“The Three Chairs” will cause you to examine your life and determine in which chair you are sitting. Reasons for Hope’s Juan Valdes presents a powerful and challenging message that will equip and motivate you to be a first chair Christian.

Which chair is yours?
1) The Joshua Chair— the on-fire Christian, who desires to live relationship with God.
2) The Lukewarm Chair—the lukewarm Christian who is more about religion than relationship.
3) No Relationship Chair— the rebellious man who doesn’t know God.

Christian, this video is a must-see. Join Juan as he moves from chair to chair and reveals the chair in which chair you sit.

This Two Minute Teaching is an excerpt from the powerful equipping and motivating message presented by Juan Valdes, titled The Three Chairs.


Juan Valdes

<p>Dr. Juan Valdes is a bi-lingual speaker for Reasons for Hope (English and Spanish) and the senior pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation in Miami, Florida. He has taught Theology, Bible and Apologetics at the seminary level in both English and Spanish and speaks regularly across the country and internationally at Pastor’s Conferences, Youth Conferences, Apologetics Conferences and local church events. Juan, his wife Daisy and their children, Juan Elias and Jessica serve in multiple areas of ministry in Miami, Florida.</p>