Engaging Moral Relativism

11 May

Can Christians support a “What’s right for you, may not be right for me!” mentality?  Let’s see.

This talk addresses the prevailing moral ethic of our culture. It is widely accepted by many (including Christian youth) that each individual can decide what is right and wrong for themselves. The talk presents a complete rebuttal of the main tenants of moral relativism and provides a strong biblical and rational foundation for moral absolutism.

Juan Valdes

Dr. Juan Valdes is a bi-lingual speaker for Reasons for Hope (English and Spanish) and the senior pastor of a Spanish-speaking congregation in Miami, Florida. He has taught Theology, Bible and Apologetics at the seminary level in both English and Spanish and speaks regularly across the country and internationally at Pastor’s Conferences, Youth Conferences, Apologetics Conferences and local church events. Juan, his wife Daisy and their children, Juan Elias and Jessica serve in multiple areas of ministry in Miami, Florida.