What About . . . Fossils?

10 May

What About . . . Fossils?

Let’s talk about fossils and what the evidence actually supports.  Slow, gradual processes or rapid, catastrophic processes?

This entertaining talk will challenge the belief that the fossil record supports the teaching of millions of years. A proper understanding of what the ‘evidence’ shows in the fossil record is vital to having Biblical answers in today’s world. We will cover how bias and world-views affect the way that we see the world around us. Questions such as,

“What do fossils really show us?”
“Doesn’t it take millions of years for fossil formation?”
“What about the phylogenetic charts of many animal families ‘proving’ evolution?”

will all be discussed. You will learn how to look at these things with a critical eye. The information in this talk will help prepare you to reconnect the Bible to the real world.

This talk will address the “Know it!” challenge.


Brad Holland

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