Dear Carl,
Wow!  What an incredible job you did with our kids at PWBC.  We are all over whelmed with your knowledge and your presentation!  Thank you for the investment you have made this week at VBS.

It was an absolute privilege to visit with you at lunch and learn of your journey with Christ and all that He has done in your life and is doing now!  We will be eternally grateful for your investment in our kids.


Sondra Saunders
Senior Preschool/Children’s Minister



To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is in reference to Carl Kerby.  I have known Carl for several years and have grown to hold him in the highest regard for his knowledge in the area of creation science and apologetics.  I have also found him to be a spiritual mentor as he speaks not just of technical aspects of defending the faith, but of his own walk with Christ through prayer and time alone with God in bible study for personal enrichment.  In addition to scholar and mentor, I also consider Carl Kerby to be a dear friend.

In our postmodern age when the philosophies of materialism and naturalism have pushed aside biblical theism and the biblical doctrine of beginnings as set forth in Genesis, the church has never needed the call back to Scripture as we do today.  Carl not only has a grasp of the biblical texts which present our view of origins, but he effectively and compellingly persuades his audiences as to why all of this is so crucial.  It is one thing to dispense facts; it is another thing to convince the audience as to why those facts matter.  When it comes to evolution versus creation, Carl believes the church has lost the battle in and for the culture because the church has failed to understand why all of this really matters.

Carl Kerby has been called and gifted by God as a defender of the faith. His presentations are passionate and his convictions on the matters he addresses are nothing less than contagious.  I have watched him capture and hold the attention of audiences of all ages on multiple occasions.  With subject matters so technical and laden with so many details and data, the presentations would constitute stale academic and theological overload that
could lose an audience five minutes into the presentation.  Not so when Carl Kerby is the messenger.  God’s hand and God’s Spirit very clearly empower him to present volumes of information in a challenging yet digestible fashion, resulting in the listener’s desire both to know why we believe what we believe from Scripture and to share the truth boldly in the marketplace of ideas when fiction is presented as fact.

I have been impacted by Carl Kerby in the area of creationism and apologetics more than any speaker I’ve ever heard in the twenty-three years I’ve been a believer.  I thank God for touching an air traffic controller and calling him to take up his cross and follow Jesus.  Thousands have been informed, inspired, and mobilized to know the truth and share it because of the calling Carl heard and has faithfully carried out.  To God be the glory!


Anthony George

Aloma Baptist Church
1815 State Road 436
Winter Park, Florida 32792

office: 1-407-671-6851

Kirk Cameron
Living Waters
To Whom It May Concern,

We invited Carl to come to Maranatha Chapel as part of a 3 day conference. His sessions were outstanding, especially ‘Best Evidence’ and ‘Racism’. God has gifted Carl with a great ability to connect with his audience. He is very down-to-earth. Whether using humor, seriousness, or his personal testimony, Carl brings God’s truth down to the practical level. And God’s truth changes lives. Carl’s sessions are faith-building and they impacted thousands at the conference. We truly look forward to having him back.

Tim Perry

Prayer Pastor
Maranatha Chapel
10752 Coastwood Road
San Diego, CA 92127

office: 1-858-613-7800 ext. 122


Pastor Kyle Gray
CedarCreek Church
29129 Lime City Road
Perrysburg, OH 43551
Phone: 419-661-8661


To Whom It May Concern,

Carl Kerby has wonderful ability to not only communicate important and difficult truths in an energetic and easy to understand manner, but Carl’s humility and approachable spirit make him a particular effective colaborer in communication the hope and joy of the Gospel!  Two things I can always be sure of with Carl: he will connect with people and he will speak the truth boldly in love!”

Stephen Schultze

Harbour Shores Church
Associate Pastor
8011 E. 216th Street
Cicero, IN 46034

office: 1-317-984-5552


Mark Hall
Casting Crowns




It is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing with and through rforh.  I remember well over a decade ago when a random phone call turned into a life-long friendship, and God introducing me to one of the greatest brothers a person could have.

While coming to Hawaii on a vacation of sorts, Carl called up our church and asked if we wanted a to have him do a presentation.  As a long time fan of Answers In Genesis (AiG), I was stoked on the blessing that he would be to our youth group.  Needless to say, the youth were engaged and I was blown away with the genuine care he had for the individuals in the room.  My wife and I spent a lot of time with Carl and his wife, Masami, on that trip . . . Loving the food in Hawaii was something we all had in common.  🙂  And who can forget body surfing the waves on Oahu’s best beaches.  What a connection.

Follow up visits and talks by both Carl, and Dr. David Menton (with thanks to Candace for all the help organizing) proved eye opening for Calvary Chapel Pearl Harbor (where I was a Youth Pastor for over a decade) and Waipio Grace Brethren Church (where I currently am the Head Pastor).  This is also when the Lord spoke to me to see if I could help the cause.

As a person with a degree in Science Education form the University of Hawaii, I have always combatted the lie of evolution and the destruction that it brings in all of the secular universities that I had attended.  Could I take this to the next level?  Carl then invited me to Creation College 2004 in Kentucky and even covered the cost of the conference for me as the plane fair to get there was quite expensive from Hawaii.  His desire was simply to invest in me so I could in turn invest in the people of Hawaii.

I now have a pocket full of presentations that I present to youth groups, home school groups, churches (both small and large), national teacher conferences, and AWANA National Merit camps.  Therefore, whether on the islands of Hawaii, the mainland, or American Samoa, all have been blessed with the presentations because of the blessing that was poured into me.

On a side note, a dozen of us from Hawaii even made the trek to the Creation Museum to serve them for 10 days.  (I think we were blessed by them more than they were by us)  But the message of AiG and now rforh is the foundation for my speaking because it is a Biblical one . . . The Bible is true from the very first verse and that is the presupposition and foundation upon which everything else rests!  Thus, it is with great joy that I join you in prayer and support in any way possible as my desire is to bless what has been a blessing to me.

Lastly, and for the record, Carl Kerby is one of the best brothers and friends a person could have.  His calls and emails have gotten me though some of the roughest patches in my life including my wife’s battle with cancer, which is in remission!  (Praise the Lord!)  He is my brother and a contender for the faith like few others I have met, and it is an honor to stand and fight along with all of you at rforh.

May the Lord, Jesus, bless and keep you in Him and in His will.

In Him,
Frank L. Figueroa Jr.
Pastor of Waipio Grace Brethren Church
95-035 Waimakua Dr.
Mililani, HI 96789
office: 1-808-623-5313