It’s NOT Just a Game!

It’s NOT Just a Game!


Can a game carry a spiritual message? What do video games have to say about: God? The Bible? Christians?  The Devil? Jesus?  So many times when the topic of video games come up we hear the phrase, “It’s Just a Game!” Well, in this book 142 page soft cover book Carl Kerby Jr. will show you why “It’s NOT Just a Game!” His desire is to educate parents on the messages that are contained in some of the top selling video games on the market today. He will help you apply God’s Word to these Video Games and give you ammunition to have a good conversation with the “gamer” in your life!

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The average time a “gamer” spends playing video games is 900 hours a year.  The majority of parents have no idea that there are spiritual messages contained in many of the most popular video games on the market today.  This book by Carl Kerby Jr. is meant to teach parents about those messages and encourage them to get actively involved in this aspect of their child’s life.