Evolution in Pop Culture

Evolution in Pop Culture


Few would dispute the fact that entertainment, or more specifically the entertainment industry, influences our minds and our hearts in a big way. But how many understand the false teaching of evolutionary philosophy that runs through movies, televisions and books?  Are you able to spot these things?  We all watch movies and TV programs but we need to be aware of the messages they offer.  Learn to guard your heart by watching with discerning eyes and ears.

In this video Reasons for Hope’s Carl Kerby challenges and trains you to spot unbiblical messages that permeate today’s entertainment.  Carl illustrates his points with segments from popular Hollywood movies and TV shows, demonstrating how they promote the Darwinian worldview. Learn to critically evaluate today’s entertainment and how to use it as a means for teaching and witnessing to others.

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This film was originally a part of the award winning teen curriculum, “Demolishing Strongholds”.  Here Carl Kerby share’s movie and TV clips containing messages and shows how you can use those messages to teach a biblical worldview.