Georgia Ministry Update & Off to England!

Exciting news!  I’m saving the best news of the week for last, so please read to the end.

As you read this I’m praying that I’m on my way to England, hopefully missing the mad rush of the Olympics!!  You can see the schedule below, it’s a BUSY time and we’re praising God for that.  I fly into Manchester and then travel all over the place then flying home from London, Heathrow.

Let me bring you up to date on the Georgia Ministry trip.   I took off for Atlanta on Wednesday and spoke at my dear friend Brian’s Church in Milner, Georgia that night.  Brian and the team at Rock Springs Church do a great job with the youth.  It’s always special for me to be with them.  At the end of the service Brian gave an alter call and about seven young folks responded with at least three of them telling us they were repenting and receiving Christ as their Savior.  We praise God for that.

On Thursday night I drove to Bethlehem, Georgia where we had another amazing time of ministry.  David G.  and Pastor Steve did a phenomenal job of getting folks there.  We had a great time of Q&A and fellowship after the talk.  It looks like we’re going back there next year to do a full seminar.  We can’t wait, the youth asked a lot of good questions, as did the parents.

On Thursday and Friday God opened the door for us to be with Pastor Ryan and S2 at Salem Baptist Church in McDonough.  They did a “Stand Your Ground” weekend and allowed rforh to share with their youth.  It was a total blessing.  They had a great band leading worship headed up by Zach Brown.  These guys did a wonderful job, using music to keep everyone focused on the Lord.

Saturday night after finishing with S2 I drove back up to Gainesville where I spoke at four times at Airline Baptist Church.  The responses were overwhelming and plans are being made for rforh to return next year!!  God is so good.

Please allow us to share one piece of feedback that we received from last week.  It sure has encouraged us.

Brother Carl,
  Thank you so much for your awesome presentation of the truths of creation. You have motivated me and given me a deeper desire to dig in the Word.  Both of my children- Lauren 23 and Drew -20 were there for all 4 sessions and you have definitely made an impact in their lives too.  Thank you and God bless your ministry.

Kirk A.

We were so blessed to be able to minister in Georgia.  Thank you to everyone that made the trip so successful.

By the way, Carl Jr. made a new “Hit it & Git it!” dealing with dinosaurs.  Those of you who have the Reasons for Hope app can see it there.  For those without the app, we’ll be releasing it in September.  This is our way of saying “Thank you” to those of you who purchased the app.  You can get the videos before anyone else!!!  We appreciate your support.  If you don’t have the app, please consider getting it.  It’s only $2.99 and gives access to lots of rforh materials.  Check it out here.

OK….so here’s my exciting news.  

Another grandchild for Masami and me!  My daughter Alisa and her husband Bobby welcome Mari Hayashida to their family.  She was born last week and she’s absolutely beautiful!  What a blessing!

Masami and Mari Hayashida Alcock

Stay bold,

Carl and the rforh Team!

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