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Turns in Life & NEW TOOLS!

It was both good and bad to have this last weekend off.  I’ll explain.  There was time to relax and reflect, and an event from some time ago came to mind.  I’d like to share it with you.

A while ago I had the privilege of leading a group of folks on a cruise to Alaska.  I always like to search out the Christian workers when on a ship, so on this occasion I asked a waiter during lunch if he and any of his coworkers were Christians.

The waiter introduced me to Roberto.  (I hope that any of you who work in the secular world would be readily identified as a Christian by your coworkers, just as Roberto was by the waiter.)

Meeting Roberto, I explained who I was and asked if there were other believers who were part of the ship’s staff, and if they get together for worship and fellowship.  He told me there was a small group that met on a regular basis.  Awesome!  We arranged for a few folks from our group to join them for their worship service, which turned out to be at 1 am.  Now I couldn’t complain because these workers had put in a full 12 hour day and before turning in for the night, they were choosing to worship God at 1 am.  That shows a real love for the Lord.

As we walked down the narrow passage towards the workers’ quarters we heard music and, arriving at the room where we were supposed to meet,  we realized there was a party taking place in the room directly across hall!

What a picture.  Here we stood in a hall with two rooms that we could choose to enter.  Two doors, one of which we would choose to walk through.  Turn left, join the party.  Turn right, join the prayer and worship service.  The party room was packed.  There was music, flashing lights, food and drinks.  In the room on the right were only five people, sitting quietly.

Matthew 7:13 ran through my head,

Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.”  

We turned right and what a beautiful decision that was.  The people asked me to share a short devotion with them, but the real blessing was when we sang together.  These five brothers and sisters came from three different countries.  They had a broken guitar with three strings on it, but when they played it and we sang it was the most beautiful sound in the world.  We were singing the same song in at least 4 different languages.

It truly was a feeling of turning from the world (the door on the left) and turning to Christ (He is the door to life) and in this small room with our brothers and sister in Christ we felt His love and comfort — which far surpasses any party that offers only conditional contentment of food and drink.

Just reflecting on this special time really encouraged me this past weekend.  I thought about how, as Christians, we are in situations just like this every day.  Do we turn left and go more deeply into worldly things or do we turn right and rest in the arms of Christ?

Let me encourage you when faced with such decisions . . . always turn “right”!   You know what I mean by “right”.  The Bible tells us there is a way that seems right to man, but it leads to death!  Proverbs 14:12, 16:25

We did not have another opportunity to fellowship with these brothers and sisters….but oh, what a gift that 1 a.m. worship and fellowship gathering was for us.  There was an immediate bond with them, which we know is because we are all one in the Body of Christ, and we felt that connection even in the brief interludes we had with them during the rest of the trip.

New Tools Coming Soon . . . We Hope!

FYI.  There are two new ministry resources we’re working on..  Those of you on our snail mail list will be receiving a letter soon outlining a new project (if you aren’t on the snail mail list, please email We’ve decided to step out in a big way and see if the Lord is leading us to create a new training series that will be both motivating and equipping.  Watch for details in the letter…or send us an email if you aren’t certain you’re getting our USPS mailings.

The second new tool is rforh’s new app.   Carl Jr. is working diligently on this new tool that will make rforh resources very mobile!  It will be available on iPad, iPhone and Android and will initially sell for $1.99.  The  app will provide access to rforh resources and will include a massive amount of access to resources such as deBUNKED, Hit it! & Git it!, Questions Answered videos, the Worldview Survey witnessing tool, and much more!.

We’d like to ask for your help in creating this tool and invite you to be a Charter Subscriber and Beta Tester of this app.  We’re looking for 500 people to donate $5.00 each to help fund the creation of this tool and to make it totally free in the future.   When we first release it we will have to sell it to try and cover our expenses.  Once we have recouped our expenses we will make it available for free.

The app is already finished for the Android and is in the process of being finished for the iPad and iPhone.  Our goal is to have it on the various stores by next week.  Thank you for praying for us as we head down this direction.

If you are interested in partnering with us on this new project you may send a check to the ministry (see the address below, and note “beta test” and please include your email address).  You may also go online and donate $5.00 (or more if you wish).   By the way, we will have a special dedication page on the app recognizing those of you that help make this outreach possible.

As a Beta Testers we want your feedback before we start marketing this tool in a big way to the general public.  Thank you in advance for partnering with us and helping us make this a great app!! 

Last Thoughts and “Thank You!”

It was fantastic to be home with my family and to be able to attend my home church, Big Bone Baptist.  It love seeing dear friends who I KNOW pray for this ministry on a regular basis.

It was awesome to hear Pastor Mike preach “live”.  I listen to his recorded sermons on the internet, but there’s nothing like being there and being picked on personally.  (You gotta’ know Pastor Mike to understand that comment.  He lovingly takes “shots” at people as he’s preaching …and I love it!)

The challenge is that when we don’t travel we’re not generating financial support for the ministry.  As a “baby” ministry this is important because our primary support comes from speaking engagements.  We currently have very few regular supporters so we depend largely upon weekend speaking engagement to cover much of our ministry costs.  (many thanks to those of you who do support us financially).

That’s not a complaint, because we’re constantly amazed at where we are in such a short amount of time.  We give thanks to God because we know He is providing for us.  There have been many circumstances where we’ve seen His fingerprints all over it and we are in awe of how He is so graciously blessing rforh.    With limited resources, word of mouth is the only advertising/promotion that we have.  We thank you for sharing rforh with your friends and family and ask that you continue to do so.

It was really great to spend the weekend with Masami and we were able to help our son, Carl Jr. and daughter-in-law, Tish, by babysitting SweetBabyTrey. 

Tish is very close to giving birth to our second grandchild, Naomi Joy, so giving them a break was both great fun for us with Trey and some quiet time for them.  You might also know, that my daughter Alisa and her husband Bobby are expecting their first baby in August — another granddaughter for Masami and I!!!  Needless to say our family is growing and we thank God for the blessing of these children.

In addition to great family time (both personal family and church family) I was able to get caught up on some ministry office work (additions/corrections to our e-mail newsletter list,  making ‘Thank You!’ calls and writing cards to ministry supporters, etc.)  These activities may not sound exciting, but they are vitally important.

The bottom line is that we don’t do anything apart from the body of Christ rallying behind us.  Thank you so much for standing firm and as always . . . 

Stay bold,

Carl & the rforh Team!


P.O. Box 415
Hebron, KY 41048 

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