Happenings Update June 6 – June 20, 2017

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Happenings Update June 6 – June 20, 2017

June 6-9 – With the Gull Lake Family Camp coming up I spent these days going through all of my talks and seeing what I could do to make sure I did new teaching at a place I’ve been going to for a while.  It’s important to keep fresh teachings coming.  In addition, I spent a LOT of time making a “Thank You!” video and sending it out to as many supporters as possible.  And I do mean a LOT of time!  This took up a good portion of my time.

June 10 – Masami and I drove to Hickory Corners, Michigan today so that we’ll be ready to start teaching in the morning.  Tonight was our first time meeting most of the family campers that we’re going to spend the next 5 days with.  I’d say that 90% are folks that we’ve never met, which is a good thing.  There are about 4 families that told us they’d come back just to hear the teaching.  That’s encouraging for sure.

Gull Lake Chapel

June 11 – Today was an amazing day!  I spoke in the morning at the Gull Lake Chapel to a very good audience.  We had a couple of doctors who came and listened today!  I was ready to get chewed on again, but not this time.  One doctor who’s teaching at a University in Western Michigan came up to me with his wife, who was in tears.  They told me they were so thankful because their teenage son told them that today was the first time he’d ever heard a sermon that makes sense!  Praise God!  I also had quite a few of other families come up and tell me how excited they now were for the rest of the week.  It was extremely emotional for me because 3 young men that came today were young men that I’ve had the privilege of trying to pour into over the years.  Two of the young men are now in college and the other a sophomore in high school.  The two college students share stories with me from what they’d experienced their first year at school.  UNBELIEVABLE!  One young man shared how he is in the “Substance Free!” dorm but that he’d had to call 911 because his roommate drank himself to death and needed the paramedics to resuscitate him!  In addition, one of the first questions he has to ask a girl that he is interested in is, “How do you identify?” so that he knows what he’s dealing with!  I’ve been told there are 17 different ways folks can now “identify” that the university recognizes.  Parent/grandparent, the world your child/grandchild is growing up in is DIFFERENT from the world that we grew up in!  I pray you’re pouring into your children and preparing them for CRAZY!

June 12 – It was a VERY good day today.  My son, Carl Jr., and I did a session on critical thinking with the parents in the morning by taking the first 5 minutes of History Channel’s hit TV show, “The Bible” and critically evaluating it!  Parents seemed to really enjoy it.  I had great conversations afterwards.  In the evening session I spoke on the messages that are in TV shows and movies.  I tried to show parents/grandparents how they can use these things as springboards to conversations with their children.  If we’re going to allow them to spend 1064 hours a year watching TV, we better be teaching them to critically evaluate what they’re watching.  Based on the conversations after the session this seemed to resonate with the parents.  I also gave them HOMEWORK!  Yes, I did!  I did this to them so they can do it with their children.  It’s an image that I found a while back that supposedly shows how dinosaurs evolved into birds.  BUT, when you dig into it, it doesn’t support it at all.  It’s one of the most glaring examples of deception I’ve ever run across.  I use this in my upcoming, “What About . . . Fossil?” class that I did in Academy of Hope* which should release in September!  Today was a super blessing in that I was able to spend about 30 minutes with all of the camp counselors and pour into them.  I genuinely love this time and count it a privilege to share with and hopefully encourage them.

June 13 – Super blessed day!  I can’t tell you how many of the counselors came up and spoke with me today after listening to the teaching last night.  I only spoke once today to the rest of the folks who’d come, and it was also super encouraging.  I gave the answer to the homework and then offered the PDF for the assignment to the parents if they wanted to use it with their children.  Over half of the parents wanted it!  Please pray they will now use it.  Please pray for our Fast Facts as well.  I finished the text edits that we needed for the book and have sent them off to our artist to incorporate into the book.  This has been a LOT of work, but I’m super excited to see this month long study for parents come together.  I genuinely think it will start some amazing conversations within the family.  I had an AWESOME conversation with one of the college students who isn’t necessarily in agreement with what I taught.  It was great though because we could actually talk to each other and challenge each other to think.  I left the conversation still firmly believing that what I’m teaching is correct.  She told me that some of the things I’d said made sense and she needed to do some more digging.  Praise God!  Mission accomplished.  We never argue anyone into the kingdom!  That’s God’s job to bring them in, we just do what we’re called to do and watch Him work!

June 14 – I spoke twice today and finished up my speaking requirements for the camp.  I am so blessed by what took place here the past few days.  It’s been a super blessing to encourage some folks who are getting ready to do some new ministry as well as encourage some pastors who were here to keep on keeping on!  I’m honestly blown away by some of the comments and can’t believe I am able to do what I do.  One of the counselors came up to me today and said,

“I’m going to be honest.  On the first day when you spoke and you talked about my generation I was ready to turn you off.  We have a LOT of speakers who come here and talk about how bad it is with us.  Over the last 4 days, you won me over.  You are really genuine and I love what you’re doing!”

God is so good!

Another counselor came up and gave me a certificate.  This was extremely touching to me.  The counselors do this for all of the campers.  They share a very specific character trait that they’d observed while working with the student during the week to encourage them.  No one had ever done that for me.  Wow, this young man made my day!  No, he made my year!  My son had to leave camp today to get home to his wife.  Her blood pressure is high so they’re going to induce her so she will have the baby early.  That will be in the morning.

June 15 – Today I felt like a bum!  I just listened and didn’t have any teaching responsibilities.  That was nice, just a little weird!  What it did do though is give me time to hang out with my grandchildren who came to the camp with us and also just speak to folks without having to rush off to set up for the next session.  There were great conversations again today.  The big news was that our fifth grandchild, third grandson, was born today.

John Takashi Kerby

His name is John Takashi Kerby.  Takashi is my father-in-laws first name.  He doesn’t have any sons so his “name” lineage is finished with him.  My daughter has his last name, Hayashida, as her middle name and now his first name with our latest grandson.  We’ll call him JT though.  What a blessing.  To finish the evening off I was able to share with a group that came from my home church.  After everything was done in the evening they have been meeting to finalize the day and have a short lesson before going to bed.  Tonight I was free to lead the devotional.  It was such a blessing to do this and to have some folks that I go to church with see what we do in ministry.

June 16 – We drove home today from Gull Lake.  I was able to have a conference call on the way home in the car.  We’re working with a gentleman that I met while in Africa who may be able to help us get our resources out to a wider audience.  It was an encouraging first meeting.  We’ll now see where the Lord leads.  Please pray for us, we need help in making this happen.  We went straight to the hospital where we were able to visit JT for the first time.  Mom, dad and baby are all well.  Thanks for your prayers.  When I finally arrived home I started working on Thank You video’s again for folks who support us.  It was a late night, but God is good.

June 17 – Today I had the pleasure of mowing the lawn, going grocery shopping with my wife, making an agenda for an important meeting on Monday and signing an articulation agreement with Calvary Chapel University (CCU) for our Academy of Hope* (AoH*) classes, (Yeah!)  We are so blessed that CCU partnered with us so that those who take the AoH* classes will get college credit!  Pretty cool.

Me with my grandson, Trey!

June 18 – Happy Fathers Day!  I was blessed to be with my family all day.  In the evening I was able to do some work as well.  I edited a promo for the Human Evolution Course, “17 Ancestors and Counting!” just click on the title if you’d like to see it.  I also continued to work on idea’s for a meeting that we’re having tomorrow concerning the direction we take as a ministry.

June 19 – I did a radio interview for a station in Green Bay, Wisconsin this morning and then spent the rest of the day working on AoH* and my talks for the upcoming Camp Nathanael.

June 20 – Today was spent on AoH* and Camp Nathanael classes.

Thank you again for everything, it’s amazing what the Lord is doing.  Please pray for the students that I’ll be with next week!. May the Lord continue to richly bless you and your family.  Until next time,

Blessings and . . .

Stay Bold!

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby is an inspiring, motivating and highly respected Christian speaker. With more than 20 years of ministry experience, Carl shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of God’s creation in his presentations, outreach events, books and other resources as the President and founding board member of Reasons for Hope, Inc.