Happenings Update June 21-July 4

06 Jul

Happenings Update June 21-July 4

June 21 – Spent the vast majority of the day working on talks for Camp Nathanael!  This is a super opportunity to reach young folks so I’m pumped for this ministry.


June 22 – Super blessed day today.  I was able to spend time with some dear friends, (You’re a blessing Miss Kay and Mr. Gayle1), and their Grandchildren at the Ark Encounter.  It was a blessing to walk through with them and converse with them about some of the exhibits and teach a little.  It was a full day!  That evening we had dinner together and just got to fellowship with each other!  Very encouraging day!


June 23 – Today I spent the whole day working on AoH classes.  Long, boring day!


June 24 – I took my time in the morning packing everything up then went and had lunch with my daughter, in-laws and my wife.  After lunch I took off for Putney Kentucky where I speak tomorrow.  I was blessed to be able to stay with some good friends in Putney. (Thanks Britt and Shannon!)  We spent the afternoon catching up. and OBVIOUSLY had an impact.  They definitely listened as I spoke so I think they’re going to be listening this week.


June 25 – I was blessed to speak at Putney Bible Church this morning.  I’ve been here a couple of times before and it’s always a blessing.  I spoke at Sunday School and then the morning service.  After that we ate lunch and I got on the road to go to Camp Nathanael!  What a BLESSED day!  There are 117 campers here this week and it’s going to be good if tonight is any indication.  I spoke on “Becoming Bold” and when I introduced the ministry I showed a picture of Juan Valdes.  The kids all started yelling, “We love you Juan!” and cheering!  Juan was here last year and had a HUGE impact on them.  I’m now cool because I’m friends with Juan!  What a blessing to have young folks respond in such a way.  I started it off by telling the students that they had the opportunity to ask questions.  We are going to put cards out for them to ask questions and during the week I would address as many as possible during the next few days.

Monday Morning Flag Raising!


June 26 – I spoke 3 times today, two Missionary Hour’s (What About . . . Fossils?) and then in the evening Chapel (Critically Evaluating Evidence). By the way, the questions started coming in in the morning!  Young folks HAVE questions.  It was really funny today after the morning talk.   A number of young ladies were talking with me after the session.  They asked really good questions and the conversation was fun.  I guess they got comfortable with me because one of the young ladies told me that after the morning session a bunch of them were talking with each other and one of them made the comment that, “He’s really “salty”!”  I asked them if that was a good thing or a bad thing and they told me that it was a good thing!  A number of the girls started calling me “salty” after that!  The seniors weren’t there for the evening session because they do a special camp out just for them so I didn’t start answering the questions they’ve already given to me.  I figured I’d wait until I get them all together.  I was up until 1 AM working on the questions that have come in1


June 27 – What a day!  I’m so tired it’s sad.  I spoke twice today (What About . . . Human Evolution?).  The foundation has been set for us to start dealing with the NUMEROUS questions that I’ve received.  I made the decision that I’m not just going to answer them I’m going to create a presentation to answer them and when finished I’ll turn it into a PDF that I can send to any of them that want a copy!  That takes work.  I was also blessed to be able and play “Gold Rush” with the campers today.  It involved running, which I don’t do very much anymore.  Even though I didn’t do very well, I had a blast and the kids had a blast laughing at me.  I also reffed the Staff vs. Campers basketball game.  That also involved running.  Man, am I sore.



These youth are listening.  The young lady above came up to me and told me how she’s taking a LOT of notes.  I had to take a picture of her notebook.  It was full of notes and she’s not the only one.  These guys are engaged for sure.  I was up until 1:15 AM working on answers to the questions they asked again!


June 28 – I’m even more tired today!  I reffed two more basketball games today as well as played Frisbee and some other games with the students.  I also spoke two more times answering the questions that have been coming in.  The responses were HUGE and even more questions came in!  I so wish I could share the conversations that I’ve been having with these youth with you.  I had a young lady take my phone and interview a number of the students today.  If you want to watch some of them you can see them here.


June 29 – Crazy busy day. Spoke twice, played soccer.  (Big Mistake!)  Spent time with the youth.  Worked on the questions.  Got to bed at 1:30 AM.


June 30 – I am so overwhelmed!  I finished up the camp today and am still so touched by the campfire last night.  After the camp was over I drove about 40 minutes to Big Creek Baptist Church where I spoke to a youth rally.  I arrived about 3:30 PM and was so drained that I slept in the car until 5:00 PM!  We got everything set up and started speaking at around 6:15 PM.  Truth be told, it was a rough start.  Things were glitching and the music director had to restart one of the worship songs.  My software glitched and I had to restart the presentation.  While I was doing that I told the audience how something amazing was going to happen tonight.  Masami and I have learned over the years when things get silly and nothing seems to be going right you better hang on.  Satan is trying to get you out of focus and lose sight of what’s important.  My tendency is to turn into a complainer when things aren’t working right and the audience will see that.  To me, we lose our witness when we don’t live what we preach.  So, when it’s crazy, I try even harder to put my focus on Christ and not on self.  After the restart, everything went fine.  After finishing only one young man came up to speak with me.  But, boy did he speak!  He was a “question asking” machine for an hour!  And these were GREAT questions.  About 15 minutes into it he said,

“You’re the first person to answer my questions.  Everybody else tells me to not ask questions and to be quiet!”

I heard that statement a few times over the last week.  Because of that, we’re preparing a series on how Christians need to encourage good questions.  Please pray for Juan, Eric and I as we pull this together.

As we were wrapping up this young man looked me in the eye and said:

“I feel like I’ve been lied to all of my life!”

I almost choked up.  I tried to explain that I don’t think that everyone is lying to him, there are some people just don’t know there’s another way which is why we do what we do.  We want to challenge their generation to think and to search for the truth.  We believe that there is absolute truth and that when you dig, you’ll find it.  I did say that there are many who will lie as well.  We have to know the truth so we don’t get caught up in the lie.  It was so encouraging.  The young man that walked off was different than the one who first approached me.  When he left Pastor Shane explained to me that this was that young man’s first time ever in a church!  The lady who was with him was a neighbor and her son had invited him to come that night.  They had no idea what I would be speaking about.  She was so happy because he asked them questions and they didn’t know how to answer them!  God is so amazing that He just happened to work it out for me to be there on a last minute invitation and for this young man to show up!  I’m blown away.  I made it home at midnight!


July 1 – I was so fired up last night that I couldn’t sleep until about 2 AM.  I had to get up early to catch up on things and to go to lunch with my family.  We celebrated my in-laws 60th wedding anniversary.  They’ve lived with us for over 27 years now and we are blessed.  The picture above is our family!!

Carl Jr. and Sr. staining the deck!

The rest of the day was spent staining our deck, which needed it BADLY!  By the end of the day I was totally and completely spent!  I praise God my son and son-in-law helped with the staining.  There is no way I could have done it on my own.

July 2– What a blessing to be able to be in my home church and hear Pastor Mike preach.  I LOVE my home church and I LOVE my pastor!  I was so sore from the last week I couldn’t do anything after church.  I totally bummed out.  Thank you Jesus for getting me through the week!

July 3– Today I started working on a sermon for next Sunday when I speak at my home church.  This is VERY nerve wracking to me.  I always struggle when speaking at my home church.    I also worked on answering the questions that the campers raised last week.  I’ve got to finish the PDF with the answers and get that to them ASAP.

July 4–Happy Independence Day everyone!  Busy day.  I wrote thank you cards, sent emails and made thank you calls to everyone who donated to us over the last few weeks.  I try to keep it personal.   I don’t always keep up, but I sure try.  I also continued working on the sermon for Sunday.  That evening my son’s family came over and we watched fireworks, cooked out and just spent time together.  God is good.  You can watch the fireworks from my front yard on my Facebook page.  It was crazy!

Thank you so much for your support.  This next week is going to be crazy busy.  Matt is coming into town to video, to train, to . . . do just about everything.  We will be slammed next week and then I get back on the road for almost 2 weeks straight speaking at youth rally’s.  Your prayers and support are GREATLY appreciated.

Blessings and . . .

Stay Bold!

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby

Carl Kerby is an inspiring, motivating and highly respected Christian speaker. With more than 20 years of ministry experience, Carl shares his extensive knowledge and understanding of God’s creation in his presentations, outreach events, books and other resources as the President and founding board member of Reasons for Hope, Inc.